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Midnight Mania! Rory Macdonald, Ben Askren feud, challenge each other on Twitter

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UFC 189 World Championship Press Tour - Calgary Photo by Derek Leung/Getty Images

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

This MMA fan tagged Rory Macdonald and Ben Askren in a tweet and started a string of trash talk between the retired former Bellator and ONE welterweight champion and the current 170-lb. Red King of Bellator. Rory said he is absolutely down for a fight with his fellow crypto-currency believer, who has been trash-talking him for years.

MacDonald’s “i disagree” reply here is genuinely hilarious because being succinct is always better online.

Askren said to tell Bellator president Scott Coker, to which Rory promptly tagged Scott Coker and said he has talked to Coker about getting Askren to return to Bellator.

Then the discussion got personal. Rory Macdonald said he challenged Askren face to face, and Askren tucked his tail between his legs and said “I only fight for money”.

Askren called the Rory’s tweet “fake news” but didn’t exactly deny Rory’s account either.

I agree with Brian Stann and Big John McCarthy- this is a fight Bellator should absolutely make. Askren’s wrestling ability, as a former Olympian, has never been in question, but he never got the chance to prove himself against elite competition. Rory Macdonald is undeniably elite competition, and one of Bellator’s most credible and interesting champions. He holds a lopsided win over Askren’s college buddy, UFC champion Tyron Woodley. And there is the outside chance he might be a route to get to MacDonald’s teammate Georges St. Pierre, a fight Askren has been campaigning for and GSP has been so far totally uninterested in.


Dana White introducing Daniel Cormier as the greatest light heavyweight of all time has to have both Jon Jones and Chuck Liddell scratching their heads.

Gustafsson doesn’t agree with Dana White:

Tony Ferguson healing up like Wolverine

He says he’s over kicking steel pipes. This was a man as ready for Khabib as anyone just prior to a freak injury can be.

Kevin Lee is using the best conditioning training known to man

Javier Mendez wants us to know Cormier has a heart of gold, not fiat currency.

Don’t let the ‍♂️fool you. This guy @dc_mma has a heart of Gold

A post shared by Javier Mendez (@akajav) on

You gotta be kidding me. Whatever else you can say about this proposal- at least she didn’t see it coming!

These dubs are terrible and hilarious, but the eyebrows are what make this scene.

Some prefer Chuck Norris’ choreography.

Israel Adesanya had fun touring Philly

Touristing in #Philly #freemeekmill #monster : @mitchviquez

A post shared by Israel Adesanya (@stylebender) on

Fabricio Werdum says this is the last time he talked to Lyoto Machida.

These armbar slams wouldn’t work on me, as I am a whopping 170 pounds. Check and mate.


l After. Every. Class.

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This cop choke slamming and then actually choking this teenager unconscious is something to behold. “You can’t tap on the beach against cops”

black or white black or white blah blah blah blah blah

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Dustin Poirier working mental conditioning at American Top Team prior to a bout with Justin Gaethje that tested his very limits of mental toughness.

Joe Rogan Experience retweeted a compilation of his somewhat biased commentary at UFC 223

Some never-released pictures of the time eight years and a day ago that Nick Diaz brawled with Jason “Mayhem” Miller

Nate Diaz says he and his brother originated the “G shit”

Slips, Rips, and KO Clips

I had forgotten about what a unique fighter Andy Hug was

Just gonna put this entire string of old RINGS highlights here.

This did not end as I expected

Throwback to Vasyl Lomachenko and UFC bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw sparring. I wish I could see all the rounds of this.

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Wait for it... Via @octonation

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