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UFC on Fox 29 results: Israel Adesanya outlasts Marvin Vettori for first career decision win

Super 8 Press Conference Photo by Simon Watts/Getty Images

Highly touted middleweight prospect Israel Adesanya faced fellow up-and-coming talent Marvin Vettori on the main card of UFC on Fox 29 tonight (Sat., April 14, 2018) from inside Gila River Arena in Glendale, Arizona, broadcast live on big FOX. Nigerian-born and New Zealand based, Adesanya was undefeated, with a kickboxing record of 50-5-2, and considered one of the best strikers to enter the Octagon. The Italian Vettori represented a stiff test, with striking chops of his own and a much more advanced submission and grappling game.

Vettori, standing southpaw, tried to get into range for heavy combinations of punches, while Adesanya stayed calm and avoided the combinations. Vettori punched into the clinch, looking for the inside trip, but Adesanya stayed vertical. They broke and Adesanya landed a lancing jab. Vettori landed an outside leg kick. Adesanya landed a leg kick of his own. Adesanya looked for a right hand; Vettori ate an inside low kick and landed two hooks in return. Adesanya landed another jab. Vettori came up just short with an overhand right, threw a body kick and ate a straight punch to the body in return. Adesanya poked Vettori in the eye, sticking out his hand after a body kick, and the bout was paused. Vettori said he was good to continue. He threw a heavy body kick. Adesanya switched stances on the southpaw Vettori, leaned back from a high kick, threw a jump spinning back kick at Vettori’s body. They traded right hands and Adesanya threw a high kick off Vettori’s arms as the round ended.

Vettori complained about Adesanya’s outstretched fingers early in the second round. He landed a couple punches over the top, shot in, but Adesanya stuffed the attempt. Adesanya threw a one-two. Vettori landed a left straight. Adesanya landed a high kick, leaned way back to avoid a high kick and ate a left straight as Vettori followed up. Adesanya landed a right hand to the body. Vettori came in with a combination that Adesanya slipped and countered with a gorgeous right hand. Adesanya feinted and landed a nice elbow that seemed to hurt Vettori. The Italian ate a body kick, missed on two punches as Adesanya slipped and rolled. He shot, stuffed. Adesanya whiffed on a right hand and high kick. Adesanya spun, landed a high kick. He rolled under and came back with another right hand.

Vettori came forward, landing a couple nice punches. He shot in and finally got Adesanya to the mat, advancing to half guard. Adesanya recovered full guard. Vettori landed a couple hooks before Adesanya was able to stand back up. Adesanya tried a lateral drop that didn’t work, used a heel hook to get back up, but Vettori clung to the clinch and pushed Adesanya to the cage, getting him down again. Adesanya worked back his feet, but couldn’t seem to break the clinch, so referee Herb Dean split them up. Adesanya threw a right hand, moved away from Vettori’s return punches. He stepped in, landed a body knee. Vettori was landing punches in the exchanges. Adesanya looked for a hard uppercut and a high kick as the fight came to a close, but neither landed.

Israel Adesanya said Marvin Vettori had better head movement than he anticipated, a win is a win but he isn’t happy with it. He asked Dana White to get him another fight, as he wants to get back in the cage ASAP. Fox bleeped it out, but it sounded as though he said after his last fight he pissed all over the cage; next time, “I will shit on your grave.”

Official result: Israel Adesanya def. Marvin Vettori via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

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