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Kevin Lee blames MMA media for ‘cokehead’ Conor McGregor ‘acting like a child’

When former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight champion, Conor McGregor, went on a bus-breaking spree last week in Brooklyn, New York, promotion president Dana White wondered aloud if “Notorious” was on drugs.

UFC Atlantic City headliner Kevin Lee doesn’t appear to have any doubt.

But “The Motown Phenom” won’t place the blame entirely on the Irishman’s shoulders, pointing figers at the idiotic mixed martial arts (MMA) media for creating McGregor’s perceived aura of invincibility.

Lee talks to MMA Weekly:

“I think you have to blame the media for blowing the dude’s head up and him feeling that his shit don’t stink and all this. I think a lot of what you see is frustration. I think he knows he ain’t been the champ for a while and he didn’t know what else to do. He’s acting like a child and it’s retarded. Ya know, I ain’t going to give that cokehead too much press. I think the man truly knows he’s not the real champ and he doesn’t stack up well against us big three: Khabib, Tony, and me. He’s gonna lose to all three of us. Then you have the fact that the man’s not a real gangster. He might have grown up poor but they were like, working class, they ain’t really from the streets. He wants to be from the streets so bad.”

Everyone wants to be “a little cholo gangster from the hood.”

After compiling five straight wins with four finishes, Lee (16-3) was one fight away from capturing the interim title — and perhaps a future showdown against McGregor — but came up short against Tony Ferguson last October.

The loss dropped him down to No. 7 in the official lightweight rankings; however, a big performance agains Edson Barboza later this month on FOX Sports 1 could have Lee right back in the thick of things.

But do you agree with his “big three” assessment?

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