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Midnight Mania! Dana White scoffs at Mayweather-McGregor rematch under modified rules

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Boxing: Mayweather vs McGregor Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

The noxious rumbles of Mayweather-McGregor 2 just won’t die. Recently a rumor got started on Twitter that Mayweather would be rematching McGregor under a truncated rule set that included small gloves, but not kicks, takedowns, or elbows.

Dana White was quick to discredit the rumor, which hopefully doesn’t mean it’s exactly what’s happening.

The original rumor starter was quick to walk his story back, saying that the fight “has been discussed” ... and perhaps partly is a result of an over-active imagination and wishful thinking.

Truly, though, an appropriate application of the Galaxy Brain meme.

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Lando Vannata hitting pads:

Pop pop, pop pop pop...soda.

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One of those videos you can’t look at but you can’t look away.

Why? @superheroalliance

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This did not go as planned!

T.J. Dillashaw embracing the snake memes is the best thing he could have done.

About to jump on the mma hour with @arielhelwani

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This kid is good!

I don’t wanna watch this, but feel free if you want to.

Kevin Hart punching upward at 45 degrees is just about as funny as his comedy:

John Wayne Parr’s face after he lost the decision to his most recent Muay Thai fight is just about as good as Daniel Cormier’s. “I might get to fight Brock Lesnar” face.

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Jon Bones Jones, the $8 million man, hitting pads in his garage.

The best just got better.

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Claudia Gadelha is in training to face Carla Esparza at UFC 225; with Namajunas remaining champion, she has a good shot at regaining her top contender status with a win.

High level shit right here

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The mighty Yoel Romero getting over his fear of heights is hilarious.

MMA is angling for Olympic recognition, and these guys think they are the ones to make it happen.

Olivier Aubin-Mercier has a sense of humor after getting congratulated by Georges St-Pierre ...

Khabib Nurmagomedov gets the red carpet treatment on his return to Dagestan.

A Muay Thai coach gives his thoughts on Joanna Jedrzejczyk’s attitude toward her pair of losses to Rose Namajunas.

Ahhh man... I know I’m gonna take heat for this but I’m gonna give my opinion here because I believe there is some learning that can be done here for many. Let me 1st say... I’m a HUGE JJ fan, I’ve been a fan of hers for almost 10 years now, when she was only fighting Muaythai I watched her fight at the World Championships. I think she is an amazing fighter and one of the most dominant UFC Champions to date... I felt the same way about Ronda, I was always a fan of her talent (her coach not so much) but there are some similarities here that need to be looked at .... most importantly the sheer inability to accept a loss. Ronda’s inability killed her career and JJ’s could do the same. Every fight someone wins... someone losses ... losses in sport are just “moments in time” that when accepted can lead to incredible advancements...the constant blaming of the previous loss on the weight cut and calling it a fluke ... inhibited improvement and evolution ... now calling it a bad decision ... it’s the same thing. When @alexisdavismma lost to Ronda saying “she just got caught” was never in my vocabulary... I had to look at my self as a coach and find where “I” went wrong... that simply doesn’t happen without acceptance and ownership. @joerogan commented that rose beat JJ in a Kickboxing match ... I disagree to a degree ... JJ lost a Boxing match with the occasional leg kick mixed in. Adjustments to win the fight could have and could still be made... but Rose is simply a better boxer, better mechanics, better head movement, better timing. How does JJ beat her? More kicks, more body kicks take the boxing away...well if she kicks more then she runs the risk of being taken down... of course this is true so improvement in takedown defense specific to coming off the kicks needs to happen as well. The hook and cross won the 1st fight and it won the rematch... adjustments should have been made... improvements could have been made... still can if only one allows themselves to actually “Lose” a fight... I hope her people are honest with her and tell her the truth, she lost 2X now AND that’s OK...that’s where the learning actually happens... but hey what do I know ... just saying.

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Slips, Rips, KO Clips

This guy hits pretty hard!

Lights out with a flourish ...

The "fuck your guard" pass

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Triangle choke!

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Vid by @zig.heaco

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