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‘The MMA Outsiders:’’s Andrew Richardson discusses pro MMA debut, documentary coming soon

Last week, ‘The MMA Outsiders’ had a roundtable discussion to preview an upcoming documentary on MMA Mania’s own professional fighter and resident analyst, Andrew Richardson

Last week, “The MMA Outsiders” podcast had a roundtable discussion with resident analyst, Andrew Richardson, and videographer Case Harts. Case was in California filming a documentary on Andrew’s professional mixed martial arts (MMA) debut, as well as the fight of his Team Alpha Male friend and training partner, Andrew Coyne. The two aforementioned Andrews do the technique breakdowns on’s YouTube channel.

We discussed the ease of Richardson’s win, the confidence he gets from his excellent training partners at Team Alpha Male, not knowing who he would be facing until he was on his way to the cage, his post-fight celebration routines, and more! As this was in the middle of crazy week prior to UFC 223, we also discussed how seriously to take Conor McGregor’s misadventures, and previewed several fights that didn’t happen ... and a few that did.

Keep an eye out on for the documentary series, which is currently in production and will be released in three parts ... coming sooner than later! Case is also the animator and logo designer for the regular “The MMA Outsiders” episodes, and does work with SB Nation producing hilarious animated shorts of fighter’s stories, including the time Mike Perry met Darren Till, and Sage Northcutt hid from a bear behind a waterfall.

Follow Andrew Richardson @andylrichardson on Twitter, Case Harts @caseharts, AJ Herrick @ajayherrick, and myself at @Vorpality.

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