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UFC star Paige VanZant recounts sexual assault, suicidal thoughts in hopes of changing lives

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) flyweight contender, Paige VanZant, is out promoting her new book, RISE: “Surviving the Fight of My Life,” which included a recent appearance on ABC network’s Good Morning America.

ABC is the same channel that featured VanZant’s stellar (but ultimately unsuccessful) run on Dancing with the Stars, but “12 Gauge” won’t be doing any celebrating with her most recent television appearance.

Instead, she’ll be trying to help young women overcome some of the same struggles she faced as a teenager, many of them awful, including a harrowing tale of sexual assault and thoughts of suicide.

An excerpt from the folks at MMA Junkie:

What happened next, VanZant wrote in the book, was a total loss of control. Later that night, she said she was gang raped.

“They move me around,” she wrote. “They change my position. I fail each time I try to resist, my limbs like wet cement on my body, my brain a heavy fog. I am awake and conscious, but my body feels dead.

“I know what is happening but can do nothing to stop it. I have no voice or choice but to submit and pray that it ends soon.”

When her classmates found out about the encounter at school, VanZant said she became suicidal.

VanZant has also talked openly about her past eating disorder.

The former strawweight recently made the jump up to 125 pounds, but came up short against Jessica-Rose Clark at UFC Fight Night 124 back in January. VanZant (7-4) also suffered a broken arm during the contest and will remain sidelined until later this year.

But, judging by some of the hardships she’s already faced (and conquered), a broken arm should be a walk in the park.

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