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Ronda Rousey on Hollywood Medium: Watch ‘Rowdy’ WWE star break down in tears over father’s suicide (Video)

I don't know anything about this goofy Hollywood Medium show or its host, Tyler Henry, but if they’re going to exploit the death of Ronda Rousey’s father, then I should be there to publish every falling tear.

And you’re here to soak them up, so don’t judge.

Henry appears to be doing that old John Edward shtick where he’s “Crossing Over” ... to the Google search engine, revealing the mysterious details behind Rousey’s dark past that have yet to come to light ... for any mixed martial arts (MMA) fan who can’t read.

Or inexplicably missed my 2013 post right here on

“They’re talking about a vehicle, but putting this around someone’s last moments in someone’s life, it feels weird,” Henry said. “Does that mean anything?”

Yes, it means Bethe Correia was doing this dog-and-pony show before it was cool.

Rousey undoubtedly had tears of joy in the wake of her professional wrestling debut at WrestleMania last weekend in New Orleans, which ... wait a second ... I’m having a vision ... I’m seeing a YouTube video ... a scripted finish ... wanton clickbait ...

... does that mean anything?

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