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Watch a brick breaking martial artist knock himself out on Sri Lanka’s Got Talent

Things didn’t go so well for this brick breaking karate fighter on a Sri Lankan reality show.


There’s no reality TV series more successful than Simon Cowell’s ‘Got Talent’ series, which has regional versions in over 65 different areas around the world. One of the newest countries to get ‘Got Talent’? Sri Lanka, and this amazing example of McDojo training got wrong comes from the very first episode of Sri Lanka’s got talent.

32 year old Sudarshana Deshappriya had a whole routine planned out where helpers smashed bricks over his body. But things went horribly wrong when it was time for Sudarshana to break a brick over his own head. Rather than breaking the brick, the brick threw Sudarshana backwards and off his perch. He then continued on with the routine despite being clearly concussed. Watch:

The judges were quick to stop Sudarshana but afterwards they softened their rejection with some kind words and ended up giving him a pass to the next round.

“We respect your strength and we love that strength,” judge Jackson Anthony said after the display. “That’s why we stopped it. You are talented - a warrior - and this is enough to prove that.”

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