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Tyron Woodley explains why Floyd Mayweather can beat most UFC fighters inside the Octagon

Retired boxing icon Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been teasing a “billion-dollar comeback” in combat sports. But he won’t be lacing up the mitts in the “sweet science.” Instead, the pugilist known as “Money” claims he’ll be transitioning to mixed martial arts (MMA).

Where he can probably beat most Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighters.

That’s according to current UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley, who explains why Mayweather holds a distinct advantage inside the cage, despite having no experience in wrestling or jiu-jitsu.

“Floyd Mayweather’s one of the best strikers of all-time,” Woodley told TMZ Sports. “How many guys in the UFC that can’t wrestle and can’t grapple that consider themselves a standup fighter, but they have to stand across one of the greatest strikers ever, they gonna be in a world of smoke.”

And like Sidney told Billy back in ‘92, you either smoke, or you get smoked.

Woodley, who already volunteered to train Mayweather for a career in MMA, has beef with “Money’s” current UFC rival, Conor McGregor. “Notorious” tried to start some static at the UFC 205 weigh ins (more on that here).

The odds of Mayweather actually fighting inside the Octagon are currently idling on the corner of Slim & None, but the chances of the 41 year-old boxer doing it against McGregor are even more remote.

Not that we should let that stand in the way of a good headline.

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