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Yves Edwards: I don’t know much about Brendan Schaub other than Joe Rogan made him famous

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Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight, Brendan Schaub, had a fairly unremarkable mixed martial arts (MMA) career. After coming up short on The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 10, “Big Brown” put together four straight wins, but then fell to just 2-4, getting knocked out three times along the way.

That’s not including the fights he’s had outside the cage (like this one).

After dropping back-to-back contests against Andrei Arlovski and Travis Browne, Schaub decided to call it a not-elite career, but kept himself relevant by appearing on Joe Rogan’s podcast, then getting one of his own with longtime funnyman Bryan Callen.

That’s pretty much all Yves Edwards knows about the former Buffalo Bill, according to a conversation the UFC lightweight-turned-FOX analyst had with Bloody Elbow’s Stephie Haynes:

“He had a short fight career, and he’s only been an analyst for a short time. I mean, the only person at the desk that he has more fights than is Karyn Bryant. I don’t know much about Brendan Schaub other than Joe Rogan and Bryan Callen made him a star. It seems to me that he says all these hot-button comments as though he’s looking to say relevant things, and like he said himself, they weren’t well thought out. So, no, I don’t think he’s qualified to critique other analysts that have far greater experience and time in the sport than he has.”

Where’s the beef?

Schaub was critical of the UFC on FOX panel consisting of Tyron Woodley, Karyn Bryant, Daniel Cormier, and the aforementioned Edwards, among others, suggesting the network was more concerned with skin colors and quotas than qualified talent.

As expected, Edwards took offense to the critique, which implied “Thugjitsu Master” was not skilled enough to fill the role. After they (briefly) kissed and made up on Twitter, Schaub once again opened his mouth and set them both back where they started.

“He has that reach, and that’s where it gets dangerous,” Edwards told Haynes. “To quote Spiderman, ‘With great power comes great responsibility.’ You have a responsibility to those massive amounts of people that follow you to be on the level. Denigrating your peers when you’re supposedly trying to address something else leaves behind a lot of collateral damage that can be avoided if you just think first.”

We’ll see how much thinking Schaub does when he hits “Below the Belt” on Showtime.

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