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UFC 226: Randy Couture explains how Daniel Cormier can dethrone Stipe Miocic

Esther Lin/MMA Fighting

Daniel Cormier will attempt to end Stipe Miocic’s record-breaking run in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight division when he faces off against the big man in the main event of UFC 226 on July 7, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

It’s an interesting matchup of champions, as “DC” has been taking care of business at 205-pounds for the longest time, while Miocic has done what no other 265-pound fighter has accomplished in the Heavyweight division, defending the belt three straight times.

But if anyone can ruin Stipe’s run it’s Cormier, and living legend Randy Couture knows just how he can do it. Speaking to MMANytt (transcribed by, “The Natural” breaks down the keys for “DC” beating Stipe, and also reveals how Miocic can become only the second man to defeat Daniel.

“Obviously, I think Daniel started in the heavyweight division, he’s a big guy, he’s got a great wrestling pedigree and he’s facing arguably the best heavyweight out there right now in Stipe Miocic. It’s going to be an interesting, technical fight. I think if Daniel can find a way to make Stipe Miocic wrestle him as much as possible during the course of that fight, it’s going to be a good night for him. If Stipe uses his range and striking IQ to keep Daniel off of him, it could be a good night for Stipe. It’s one of those fights, toss a coin, who’s going to win. I’m a wrestler, so I tend to feel like that wrestling pedigree is going to work well for Daniel. But Stipe’s one of the toughest guys out there. He’s a great fighter.”

If anyone knows anything about winning championship gold in two weight classes it’s Couture, as he was the former UFC Light Heavyweight champion and Heavyweight champion long before anyone else attempted to do it.

Then again, “DC” is no stranger to that feat, either, as he won the Strikeforce heavyweight Grand Prix prior to making the drop down to 205 pound where he currently rules the roost.

Still, Cormier is without a doubt the biggest test of “DC’s” career, as the big man has already broken UFC Heavyweight records and packs the punch to put a baby elephant to sleep. That said, Cormier isn’t a stranger to stifling the power of big men, as he isolated Anthony Johnson’s punches on two separate occasions.

Whether or not he can do it against the best Heavyweight out there at the moment, is an entirely different story.

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