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CB Dollaway open to rematch against ‘dirty’ Hector Lombard if UFC doesn’t get rid of him

UFC 222: Dollaway v Lombard Photo by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images

This past weekend (Sat., March 3, 2018) at UFC 222, C.B. Dollaway picked up his second straight win in highly-controversial fashion after his opponent, Hector Lombard, was disqualified for hitting “The Doberman” twice after the bell.

Indeed, “Showeather” fired off a two-piece that landed flush on his foe’s face seconds after the bell to the first round sounded. After a brief meeting, officials opted to disqualify Lombard, giving C.B. -- who was still trying to clear the cobwebs — the win. Despite getting the “W” on his record — and the bonus that comes with it — Dollaway is open to running it back against the former Bellator MMA champion

“The Doberman” broke it all down on Fox Sports Pro Cast:

“The first one, I can kind of see as being a reaction, but the second shot I believe in my mind was on purpose. Heard through the grapevine, a lot of people say he’s a dirty fighter. I don’t think it was accidental, I think that’s just kind of who he is. As far as what the future holds for me and Hector, I’m going to see what the UFC wants to do. I’ve heard mention they might be getting rid of him, they might keep him. So whatever they decide, you know, ultimately they’re the ones that make the decisions but if they want to run it back then we’re open to it.”

Hector, meanwhile, is planning on appealing the loss and says at he end of the day, Dollaway was simply looking for a way out.

“I feel like it should be a no contest,” Lombard told MMA Junkie. “I don’t see why (Dollaway) gets the win. There’s a rule that you protect yourself at all times during the fight. I don’t think I did anything wrong, and I don’t feel like I have to apologize to anybody. I just feel like he didn’t want to fight, and that’s not on me.”

The loss was Hector’s fifth in a row, so UFC cutting him isn’t out of the question. That said, don’t be surprised if the promotion gives him one more opportunity to prove he deserves to be in the big leagues by having him face C.B. one more time.

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