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Derrick Lewis isn’t trying to be the best in the world, wants Francis Ngannou before ‘Predator’ turns 50

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Lewis vs Browne Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

The ongoing internet beef between Derrick Lewis and Francis Ngannou — which seems to be one-sided — seemingly won’t end until the two hard-hitting Heavyweights finally meet face-to-face inside the Ultimate fighting Championship (UFC) Octagon.

Lewis has tried his hardest to get under “The Predator’s” skin, taking shots at the former title contender via social media every chance he gets with very tepid responses from the towering big man. In his latest attempt to pick a fight, Lewis tells Slip n’ Dip podcast (via MMA Fighting) that he hopes to secure a fight with Ngannou later this year, as he wants to get his hands on him before he turns 50, insinuating that Francis (31) isn’t being accurate with his age.

“Yeah hopefully we can get something done this year man,” Lewis told the Slip n’ Dip podcast. “Hopefully we can get something before he turns 50 on us.”

If a fight against Francis — who is keen on taking some time off after getting handled by UFC Heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic last month at UFC 220 — doesn’t see the light of day, Derrick won’t turn anyone down ranked ahead of him.

As far as his title aspirations, Lewis doesn’t really have any, saying that being known as the best fighter in the division isn’t his goal, as collecting paychecks takes precedence over any championship accomplishments.

“I would like to fight hopefully in May or June,” Lewis said. [The International Fight Week card] doesn’t matter, I’d really like to fight earlier than that. . . There’s nothing I really want to accomplish. I already set my family up pretty good right now. I don’t care if I ever fight for the belt or get the belt. It’s a job to me, basically. I’m not trying to be the best fighter in the world or nothing like that. I don’t come in trying to think I am the best fighter. I don’t care about none of that. It’s just a job to me.”

Can’t hate the honesty.

Nevertheless, should Derrick ever find himself staring down the barrel of a title fight, it’s something I’m sure he won’t turn down, as the paydays that come with it aren’t too shabby.

And he can drink all the beer he can handle, as well.

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