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Coach: ‘Tarnished’ Jon Jones will never be the greatest of all time

G.O.A.T. or just goat?

MMA: UFC 197-Jones vs Saint Preux Joshua Dahl-USA TODAY Sports

What will the history books say about Jon Jones?

If we look at what “Bones” has accomplished inside the Octagon, as well as who he’s accomplished it against, it’s hard to not call the former light heavyweight champion one of the greatest mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters of all time.

If not the greatest.

But Coach Javier Mendez, who cornered Daniel Cormier at both UFC 182 and UFC 214, believes Jones forfeited his claim to the pound-for-pound throne by returning positive drug tests twice in his combat sports career.

“The whole damn thing is tarnished now. Jon Jones, forget about the greatest of all time,” Mendez told Express Sport. “That’s out of the history books. There’s no way in hell anyone is going to consider him the pound-for-pound.”

Not everyone agrees.

After serving a suspension for his UFC 200 drug test, Jones once again pissed dirty, this time for Turinabol, and lost his 205-pound title to Cormier, despite knocking out “DC” last summer in Anaheim.

If and when “Bones” returns to set things right, may depend on this.

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