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Malaysian Invasion Season 5 Finale Set for March 30th

Malaysian Invasion has put on five amateur tournaments, several pro fights and one pirate-themed MMA cruise.

It’s been an interesting journey for the promotion, which is owned by Malaysian telco Tune Talk. MIMMA champions Agilan Thani and Muhammad Aiman will both be in action for ONE Championship this Friday night and on March 30th, a new batch of tournament winners will be crowned.

For season 5, MIMMA has introduced a league format to ensure its fighters stay active. It means that the finalists who go head-to-head at Stadium Juara should be in fine form with multiple amateur wins to their name.

Muhammad Meeraj has a reputation for being one of Malaysia’s best boxers. He went to the 2012 Olympics and has a 6-2-1 pro record but has elected to remain in the amateur ranks and compete for MIMMA as a mixed martial artist.

Meeraj’s amateur record stands at 8-0 and his reputation in boxing has preceded him and led to several opponents pulling out. He faces Mohd Fakhrul Izzat in the final, a seasoned amateur who encompasses the benefits MIMMA has brought to the Malaysian scene.

Izzat rushed into professional competition far too soon and wound up with a 1-3 record. After back to back losses he dropped back down to the amateur ranks and has not looked back, his amateur record is 13-1 with the only loss coming at the hands of ONE Championship’s Agilan Thani.

Malaysian Invasion MMA Season 5 Finale, Stadium Juara, March 30th

125lbs.: Eunice Ong vs Gloria Hoong

125lbs.: Jay Jay Anak Muran vs Naimul Amal

135lbs.: Dhiaaul Amal vs Effendey Kalai

155lbs.: Keng Fai Hui vs Nathaniel Imang Lakai

185lbs.: Mohd Fakhrul Izzat vs Muhammad Meeraj

265lbs.: Azreel Izzat vs Nieng Khai Tsan

145lbs.: Damon Soo vs J. Garcia-Candal

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