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Anthony Joshua vs Joseph Parker results: Live streaming play-by-play updates

Photo by Matthew Horwood/Getty Images

All but one of the heavyweight titles get unified later this afternoon (Sat., March 31, 2018) when undefeated pugilists Anthony Joshua and Joseph Parker lock horns inside Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales. will deliver LIVE coverage of “Joshua vs. Parker, starting with the Showtime broadcast at 5 p.m. ET.

Joshua (20-0, 20 KO) has looked for all the world like Lennox Lewis’ heir apparent, showing murderous power and deceptive technique. He passed his stiffest test to date in dramatic fashion with an eleventh-round knockout of Wladimir Klitschko last year and stands as a 7:1 favorite over Parker (24-0, 18 KO), who’s coming off of a shaky performance against Hughie Fury in the second defense of his WBO belt.

The winner here will ideally face current WBC champ Deontay Wilder later this year in a bid to become the first unified Heavyweight champ since the aforementioned Lewis.

“Joshua Vs. Parker” Quick Results:

Heavyweight Championship: Anthony Joshua def. Joseph Parker by unanimous decision (118-110, 119-109)

“Joshua Vs. Parker” Quick Round-By-Round Coverage:

Anthony Joshua vs. Joseph Parker

Round one: Both men sticking out their jabs early, looking for the range. More jabs, no clean contact. One minute in. More volume from Parker at the moment. Joshua with a right downstairs. One minute to go. Joshua on the advance, looking to keep Parker on the ropes. Hook off the jab. Joshua with a pair of rights downstairs. 10-9 Joshua.

Round two: Joshua keeping up the pressure, takes a right to the midsection. Parker falls short with a combo. Technical difficulties mean I miss the middle minute. Right hands from Joshua, Parker comes back with an overhand right. Clinch. 1-2 from Parker. Jabs from Joshua, left hook by Parker on the back foot. 10-9, 20-18 Joshua.

Round three: Jabs from both as Joshua advances. Parker hooks off the jab. It’s a battle of left hands so far. Parker busier with his jab. One minute in. Glancing combo by Joshua on the ropes and they exchange in the clinch. 1-2 by Joshua, Parker clinches his way out of the corner. Parker with a right downstairs with a minute to go. Now Joshua looking to match the jab. Counter hook by Parker, then a low-high combo that sees a clash of heads. 10-9, 30-27 Joshua.

Round four: Joshua tries to step in with a combo, smothers his own work. Joshua answers a jab with a tight jab/hook. Counter hook from Parker this time. One minute in. Parker 1-2 falls short. Parker’s finding himself on the ropes too often. Joshua sticks a jab to the body. Now upstairs. One minute to go. Parker has yet to really unsling his right hand. Lead hook by Joshua. Now Parker with a right downstairs. Left hook upstairs. Joshua with a heavy right to the body. 10-9, 40-36 Joshua.

Round five: Back to the jab battle. Joshua hooks off the jab, sends Parker backing off. Clinch. One minute in. More jabs, neither man showing real dominance in that area. Parker comes forward with a combo, lands to the body before tying up. One minute to go. Hard 1-2 from Parker, his best punches of the fight. Joshua smiles as the fight heats up a bit. 1-2 by Parker, avoids a chopping right. Parker seems to have gotten some confidence. 10-9 Parker, 49-46 Joshua.

Round six: Joshua lands some swatting shots inside and Parker takes it as a challenge, charging after Joshua with haymakers. Ref warns Parker for not stopping on his command when they get tangled in the ropes. Joshua with a right to the body, then the chin. One minute in, left hook by Parker. 1-2 from Joshua, who gets stung by an uppercut. Clinch. Parker right hand falls short. One minute to go. Clinch. They trade in the center. Jab exchange near the ropes. 10-9 Parker, 58-56 Joshua.

Round seven: Joshua’s still marching forward, walks into a hook. clinch. Parker falls short with a right hand. One minute in. Stiff jab by Joshua. Clinch, body shots by Parker inside before he avoids an uppercut on the break. Joshua gets warned for it. They trade jabs in the center. Clinch with a minute to go. Parker digs to the body inside. 1-2 from Joshua. Parker lands a right downstairs. 10-9 Parker, 67-66 Joshua.

Round eight: Parker throws a 1-2 to the body, eats a jab. Hook from Joshua. Clinch. Joshua lands a hook, clinch. Chopping right by Joshua. One minute in. Clinch. Heavy hook by Parker, one of the better recent punches. One minute to go. Clinch. Sharp jab and combination by Joshua, then a hard right hand inside. Joshua finding the mark with his jab. 10-9, 77-75 Joshua.

Round nine: Joshua pressing forward behind his jab. Clinch. Clinch. Parker with a right downstairs, avoids an uppercut inside. Left hook exchange a minute in. Parker right hand. Back to the body. Parker wades in with punche with a minute to go. Ref pauses the action to cut some loose tape from Joshua’s glove. More jabbing, Parker to the midsection again. More body shots. 10-9 Parker, 86-85 Joshua.

Round ten: 1-2-3 from Joshua, body shots from Parker in return. Parker sporting a cut, eats a jab. Joshua showing some confidence. Clinchin’. One minute in. They engage inside once again. Parker digs to the body. His left eye is starting to go. One minute to go. Joshua tries to open up on the ropes, clinch. 10-9, 96-94 Joshua,

Round eleven: Early 1-2 from Joshua. Jab battle once again. Parker to the body a minute in. Again he digs downstairs in the clinch. Left hook by Joshua. Clinch. One minute to go. Joshua looks for the uppercut inside. Parker lands a hard right downstairs. Joshua lands a combo in the waning seconds. 10-9, 106-103 Joshua.

Round twelve: Back to the jabs. Clinch. Joshua 1-2 goes high. One minute in. Clinch. Two-piece by Joshua in the corner. Working behind the jab. Parker tries an overhand right. One minute to go. Parker digs to the body on the way in. Clinch. Left hook and attempted uppercut by Joshua. 10-9, 116-112 Joshua.

Final result: Joshua def. Parker by unanimous decision

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