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Video: Valentina Shevchenko shows off bruised elbows from UFC Belem fight

Remember when former UFC women’s bantamweight title challenger Valentina Shevchenko put together one of the most dominant one-sided beatdowns ever in her flyweight debut opposite Priscila Cachoeira at UFC Fight Night 125 in Belem, Brazil, this past February?

Well, despite that submission victory over Cachoeira being nearly two months in the book, “Bullet” is still feeling the after effects of her destruction in South America.

Shevchenko, 30, hurt Cachoeira so badly with ground-and-pound before choking her out in the second frame that her elbows are still battered and bruised. Being in the gym and using those same elbows to train isn’t going to help the Russian’s healing process, but Shevchenko was proud to show off her face-splitting bows earlier this week in the following Instagram post:

#FightersLife #MuaythaiElbow

A post shared by Valentina Shevchenko (@bulletvalentina) on

“I was thinking, No, I cannot believe that it’s still after from my last in Belem, I still have this injury on my elbow,” Shevchenko said.

“This is what I have — full-of-bruises elbow,” Shevchenko added after taking off her rash guards.

Pretty gnarly, huh?

We see a lot of ferocious ground-and-pound each and every week in mixed martial arts (MMA), especially when UFC is on display, but we rarely see aftermath like this two months removed from a fight. Shevchenko’s complete and utter decimation of Cachoeira didn’t just earn her her first UFC victory at 125 pounds, but it scored her these awesome battle wounds.

Look for Shevchenko to parlay her recent victory at UFC Belem into an eventual title shot with current champion Nicco Montano. And if Cachoeira’s demise is any indication of what “Bullet” can do one weight class lower than her usual stomping grounds then the entire flyweight division better take a vacation to Barbados.

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