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Controversial judge Adalaide Byrd returned at UFC 222, and Joe Rogan absolutely savaged her

Joe Rogan didn’t tip toe around the fight fixing accusations levied against NSAC judge Adalaide Byrd in her return to the UFC.

goldberg and rogan

As if UFC 222 wasn’t special enough, the event is also marks the return of controversial Nevada State Athletic Commission judge Adalaide Byrd. Byrd’s been on something of a forced vacation ever since she served up a blatantly terrible scorecard in Canelo Alvarez’s favor for his massive boxing match against Gennady Golovkin last August.

Accusations of rigged judging were thrown around and the heat got so bad that the commission shelved Byrd (although why they didn’t permanently remover her after her latest high profile judging flub is beyond us.

But a job she still has and she was one of the three judges watching the Bryan Caraway vs. Cody Stamann fight. Commentator Jon Anik mentioned that fact going into round three, and Joe Rogan couldn’t hold his tongue.

”We just both had a heart attack!” he said. The Canelo vs. Golovkin fight came up and he joked “She’s driving a ferrari for that fight.”

”She’s a nice lady, she’s a very nice person,” he continued. “So’s my mom, I wouldn’t want her calling any fights. My mom would be like ‘Canelo is handsome! Gotta give him the round.’”

The whole thing left Daniel Cormier in stitches.

”Oh, my goodness, somebody get Joe Rogan!” he laughed.

With a minute left in the fight, Cormier joined in on the fun.

”Leaving an impression in the judge’s mind is especially important,” he said. “Especially with...”

”Don’t say it, don’t say it!” Rogan replied. “We’ve given that lady enough problems.”

And because this story wouldn’t be complete without a controversial judging result, Cody Stamann ended up winning the fight via split decision ... a decision many felt should have gone Caraway’s way. One of the judges who scored it for Stamann? Adalaide Byrd.

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