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Video: Watch Joe Rogan shatter Francis Ngannou’s power record at UFC Performance Institute

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First rule of Fight Club? Don’t get kicked by Joe Rogan.

The longtime funnyman is quickly becoming the Rickson Gracie of mixed martial arts (MMA) commentators. Aside from teaching Georges St-Pierre how to throw more powerful kicks (take that, Steven Seagal), the former Fear Factor host is breaking power records at the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Performance Institute.

Including the one set by hulking UFC heavyweight Francis Ngannou.

“I think [Ngannou] got 120-something,” Rogan said during his official podcast (via “129, that’s so crazy! That’s what I get with a kick – with legs that carry you around all day. He got 129,161 with a punch, I got 152,000 today, bitch!”

And you thought Alistair Overeem was pissed before...

Despite never competing for UFC (because of this), Rogan — a jiu-jitsu black belt — is a former taekwondo instructor and U.S. Open Grand Champion (video), so he knows a thing or two about the stand-up game.

In both professions.