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CSAC contemplating additional punishment for Drew Chatman following LFA 36 ‘back’ flip

Esther Lin

Drew Chatman knows he fucked up.

The 23 year-old heavyweight mixed martial arts (MMA) prospect, who made his professional debut at LFA 36 last weekend inside Morongo Casino Outdoor Pavilion in Cabazon, Calif., celebrated his first-round knockout win by doing a celebratory front flip off his opponent’s spine.

Chatman would later apologize for his actions and blamed the heat of the moment, but California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) Executive Director, Andy Foster, may not be satisfied with a disqualification and withholding of pay.

From his conversation with MMA Junkie:

“When you’re disqualified you’re not able to receive compensation, so he didn’t get any money. Then we gave him a suspension for unsportsmanlike conduct, under Rule 390. Then I may do additional things to his license when I’m able to review it even further. I just never have seen anything like that before. The biggest thing is everyone has to have their fights approved when they move forward, so we’ll be watching this one really close. I can assure you. There’s no defense for this whatsoever. When you’re dealing with it I’m trying to figure out what to call it, because it basically violated about four rules at the same time.””

Chatman is currently benched for 90 days.

When and where he returns to action remains to be seen, but most stateside commissions practice reciprocity; meaning, he can’t just sneak off to Las Vegas or some other part of the country and expect to be licensed without issue.

CSAC has been very busy with MMA fighters these days.

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