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Cub Swanson contract, UFC pay raise came with stipulation that he rematch Frankie Edgar in Atlantic City

Cub Swanson’s decision to re-sign with Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) flew under the radar last week prior to the announcement that he was booked to rematch Frankie Edgar at the upcoming UFC Fight Night 128 event on April 21, 2018 in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

That’s because his re-upping with the world’s largest mixed martial arts (MMA) organization and the booking of the Edgar fight went hand-and-hand.

“It was pretty crazy. Pretty much everybody got in touch with my manager. From there it was really seeing what I felt I was worth, and we had a lot of good offers,” revealed Cub on a recent edition of The MMA Hour. “Then I had to decided like, where my passion was at. When it came down to it, UFC just felt like home. So I was just wanting to see if they would bump my offer a little bit,” he added

“So literally that same day I had the discussion with my manager, they called and said ‘We’d like to give you a little bit of a better offer, but we want you to take this fight. So I asked, ‘Which fight?’ And when they said Frankie, I said ‘Let’s do it.’”

On another interesting note, Cub revealed that shortly after his loss to Ortega, he was offered a bump in pay to re-sign, but declined it in order to test the free agency waters. In the end, he ended up getting yet another pay raise from UFC to stay home after flirting with a few promotions.

Indeed, it’s not everyday a fighter gets a contract offer with higher pay coming off a loss. But those are just some of the perks that come with being loyal, and the promotion has always been very fond of Cub, despite his past title fight snubs.

Swanson will begin his road back to the front of the pack as he looks to avenge his defeat to “The Answer” way back in 2014. It’s a loss that’s been eating at Swanson ever since, as he says he’s been drilling his wrestling for a potential do-over after Frankie had his way with him in that department.

Will the score be even once the dust clears in Atlantic City?

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