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MMA fighter to be extradited on kidnapping, torture charges

David Ash / Singpore Maven

Russian fighter Rustan Abdurakmanov made headline news in Thailand on Monday. The Full Metal Dojo (FMD) veteran is expected to be deported to Russia where he will face charges of torture, extortion, and robbery.

According to Thai Visa, Abdurakmanov (pictured left) was arrested in Bangkok at the request of the Russian embassy. His crimes are described as follows:

“He used guns and knives to threaten and torture businessmen in the extorting of money according to two warrants from Russian authorities and Interpol.

In December 2014 while pretending to be a policeman in the city of Artem, he beat up a security van driver and stole 210,000 roubles (120,000 baht). In April 2015 he abducted two Chinese businessmen from a wood yard at knifepoint before extorting $500.

The victims were handcuffed, taped and threatened with burning with a gas bottle.

Later the same month he was involved with others in a 915,000 rouble robbery of another businessman.”

Abdurakhmanov fought at Full Metal Dojo 13 and scored a submission win over Francois Xavier Leal de la Torre. His last fight was in August when he dropped a decision to Jiahefu Wuziazibieke at Rebel FC 5.

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