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Video! Sage Northcutt’s wild bear encounter gets animated makeover

Remember when UFC youngster Sage Northcutt was nearly eaten by wild bears in the California mountains?

Well, that almost happened, and now Northcutt’s harrowing tale is gaining more steam after receiving a rather hilarious animated makeover. Check out that video above courtesy of @caseharts, who has a knack for these things.

In case you missed Northcutt’s initial storytelling time on Submission Radio, or are unable to view the animated short above for whatever reason, here is the detailed incident from “Super” himself:

“One of the first times that I was up in Sacramento, California, I was up in the mountains - and this is almost towards the Lake Tahoe area - I’m up in the mountains, I went running and climbed this waterfall by myself. I’m in the middle of nowhere, I climbed about two miles past the waterfall, and all of a sudden everything gets real quiet. Well, I didn’t know at the time, but there’s black bears up there. So I heard something grunting. All I had was a little tiny knife on me just for like protection, just because I need it, but it couldn’t do anything to a black bear, I don’t think. So, what I did was I hid behind the water that was coming out of the waterfall, and it was absolutely freezing. So, I hid for about five minutes. I didn’t move. And when I heard the grunting stop I just took off sprinting. I literally sprinted two miles as fast as I could, hiked down the waterfall and made it back to my truck. So that was a crazy story because I felt like I was gonna get eaten. It was pretty crazy because at first I was like, maybe it’s a cougar, maybe it’s something... I didn’t know what it was. And I’m over behind the waterfall where the water’s coming out, and I take my phone out and I’m trying to google if there’s bears in California. And then I remembered, like, I saw a statue of a bear. It was a gold bear or a silver bear in Sacramento like an hour and a half away. So I’m like OK, like, there’s gotta be bears. So then I just waited, I was completely quiet and didn’t move. And then when it stopped, I was, my heart was definitely racing cause I took off so fast. My adrenalin was going so much I felt like I was floating on my feet, like, flying.”

Pretty crazy stuff, huh?

While Northcutt’s take on the entire ordeal and the animated remake tend to strike the funny bone, getting attacked by a bear in the wild is no joking matter. Ever see The Revenant? That shit could have happened to “Super” in the blink of an eye.

Luckily the mixed martial arts (MMA) prodigy had his running shoes on that day.

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