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Michael Bisping explains why he wouldn’t ‘piss’ on ‘hypocrite’ Vitor Belfort if he were on fire

UFC 179: Aldo v Mendes 2 Photo by Buda Mendes/Getty Images

Michael Bisping recently went on record saying his final fight would not be going down against Vitor Belfort, even though it would give him a chance to avenge his knockout loss to “The Phenom” way back in 2013.

For “The Count,” the decision to turn down the rematch is a simple one due to his lack of respect for cheaters and hypocrites.

“Vitor Belfort is the type of person – I wouldn’t piss on him if he were on fire,” Bisping said at a Q & A this past weekend in London, England via MMA Junkie. “I have no respect for that guy. Honestly, I don’t want to share an octagon with him. I don’t want to be associated with him whatsoever. He’s the biggest hypocrite in the world. He’s one of the biggest cheaters in the world,” added the former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Middleweight champion of the world.

Belfort’s troubles with failed drug tests are no secret, especially when it pertains to the now-banned testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).

To further add to his disdain toward Belfort, Machida finds it odd that Vitor is all about the religious life, but his history with drug tests shows he doesn’t live by the word as he proclaims.

“He’s a total hypocrite. He talks about Jesus and things like that, but he’s not a very good person, and he is one of the most prolific cheaters in the sport, and this is a sport for men,” said Bisping. “This is about martial arts. This is about testing yourself at the highest level. it’s not who’s got the best doctor and who can take the best steroids. So, once gain, I wouldn’t piss on him if he were on fire,” he concluded.

In the end, Lyoto Machida — who also had his issues with passing a drug test -- was pegged to be “The Phenom’s” farewell bout, which is set to go down on May 12, 2018 at UFC 224 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

As for Bisping, he is still waiting for the right opponent to come along in order to put and end to his own combat career.

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