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Midnight Mania! Darren Till admits to Kamaru Usman he is scared, but ready to ‘get over my fear’

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Darren Till finally responded to Kamaru Usman today in the rare Twitter war that was both honest, respectful, and also just hilarious trash talk. Till took the rare tack of admitting to all Usman’s claims, saying he was scared of the Nigerian Nightmare, and somehow still managed to roast him at the same time.

Usman started out by calling Till out for beating a lightweight in Donald Cerrone and not wanting to fight him, then made a more general callout to the 170-lb. division. Till freely admitted that he is scared of Usman... then slyly reminded us that Usman claimed he fought his last fight at 30% health, a claim Dana White slammed him for.

Usman threw in Colby Covington’s name, but Colby has been assiduously avoiding a fight with the fellow standout wrestler, so Usman turned to Till.

Everything about this response was hilarious. Till starting out with respect, then roasting Usman for his most recent performance legitimately made me chuckle. But this conversation was far from over. Till admitted he was worried that Usman would pretend he wanted to fight, then end up wrestling him. Despite that, he is ready to face his fears and deal with Usman.

For all his admitted ‘fear’, Till doesn’t think Usman can hold him down for five rounds, and strongly feels he has an advantage in the striking department.

The exchange continued...

Till’s opponent for his hometown Liverpool headliner is still To Be Determined. With this exchange, it certainly appears one good matchup would be this fight between two rising prospects in the division. It would represent a good test for Till’s wrestling, and a stern challenge for Usman’s neophyte striking.

Who do you want to see Till matched up against?


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    Leon Edwards
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    Gunnar Nelson
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