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Bellator 195 results live: 'Caldwell vs Higo' streaming play-by-play updates

Bellator 195
Caldwell vs Higo
Bellator MMA

Bellator 195: “Caldwell vs. Higo” takes place TONIGHT (March 2, 2018) at WinStar World Casino and Resort in Thackerville, Okla., featuring a Bantamweight championship match with Darrion Caldwell (11-1) making his first title defense against Leandro Higo (18-3) atop the mixed martial arts (MMA) marquee. Coincidentally, two of Caldwell’s opponents will square off in the co-main event as multiple-time world champion Joe Warren (15-6) battles the only man to beat Caldwell, Joe Taimanglo (23-8-1).

Bellator 195’s main card will start at 9 p.m. ET on Paramount Network. will deliver results and play-by-play for the entirety of the Bellator MMA card, with “Prelims” undercard coverage beginning below around 7 p.m. ET.

Many readers check in before, during and after the fights to share their thoughts on all of the action. Feel free to leave a comment (or 195) about the bouts and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it's always a lot of fun!


Darrion Caldwell vs. Leandro HigoCaldwell sub (guillotine) 2:36 R1.
Joe Warren vs. Joe TaimangloTaimanglo SD 30-27, 28-29, 30-27.
Kristina Williams vs. Emily DucoteWilliams SD 29-28, 27-30, 29-28.
William Joplin vs. Juan ArchuletaArchuleta 30-26, 30-24, 30-23 UD.
Romero Cotton vs. Justin ReeserCotton sub (RNC) 4:35 R2.
Ky Bennett vs. Morgan SolisBennett sub (americana) 3:37 R2.
Teagan Dooley vs. Kevin HollandHolland sub (triangle) 2:59 R1.
Thomas Lopez vs. Aaron WebbWebb KO 3:11 R1.
Brian Grinnell vs. Justin PattersonPatterson TKO 4:49 R1.
Armando Servin vs. Fernando GonzalezGonzalez sub (armbar) 2:24 R1 .
Daniel Carey vs. Cris WilliamsCarey UD 29-28 X3.


Darrion Caldwell vs. Leandro Higo

The champion Caldwell comes in 11-1 for his first title defense wearing the red gloves and black trunks. The challenger Higo comes in 18-3 wearing the blue gloves and red trunks. Caldwell fights out of San Diego, California and Higo out of Natal, Brazil. Caldwell has a 4” reach advantage, 74 to 70”. Our referee in charge of the main event is Jason Herzog.

Round 1: Glove tap to start. Caldwell looks to land kicks early as Higo circles to the outside. Both men feel out the range as the crowd lets out whistles and catcalls. Higo throws an inside leg kick. Body kick from Caldwell. Spinning leg kick by Caldwell. Double leg takedown by Caldwell at 2:05. Higo pops right back up. Caldwell throws him down again at 2:22 and he has a guillotine headlock. Higo taps out! Back flip from Caldwell to celebrate.

Final result: Darrion Caldwell wins via submission (guillotine) at 2:36 of round one.

Joe Warren vs. Joe Taimanglo

Warren comes into the night 15-6 fighting out of Monument, Colorado. Taimanglo is 23-8-1 and fights out of Yona, Guam. Taimanglo has on the blue gloves and red trunks, while Warren sports black trunks and red gloves. Warren is 41 and Taimanglo is 33. Our referee in charge is Kerry Hatley.

Round 1: Taimanglo comes flying in and misses Warren but then gets a takedown and is in side control, but Warren responds with a front headlock and throws Taimanglo to get back to his feet at 23 seconds. Warren takes Taimanglo down in the next tie-up and is on top in full guard. He picks Taimanglo up and slams him down then pounds Taimanglo with a single right. Taimanglo gets shoved hard into the fence head first. Warren looks to get half guard but Taimanglo is able to stand up and break free at 2:13. Taimanglo faints a knee and lands a right on Warren’s chin, causing Warren to break out in a grin. Warren pushes Taimanglo toward the fence but Taimanglo eludes the takedown and comes forward throwing rights. Taimanglo misses with an uppercut but pops Warren with about four straight right hooks. Warren may be in trouble. A left jab hits Warren straight in the face. Warren shoots and Taimanglo grabs a front headlock. Warren gets out but then charges straight into a punch. Taimanglo stuffs a takedown attempt at 4:10 and lands another right hook. Warren hits a trip takedown at 4:20. Warren tries to posture up to land right elbows. 10-9 Taimanglo.

Round 2: Taimanglo lands a flush left hand 21 seconds into R2 and a right hook at 43 seconds. Warren responds with an over the top elbow. Warren tries to charge in for a takedown and Taimanglo eludes it. Taimanglo resets and feels out the range with his right hand, hitting it seconds after a right leg kick. Taimanglo with the reverse combo — the right hand then the kick at 1:30. Warren seems perplexed. Warren tries a flying knee. Taimanglo cracks him with a right and lands the low kick. Warren’s left eye is starting to swell. Warren tries to come up the middle with a knee. Two minutes left in R2. Warren goes for another knee up the middle off an aborted takedown. Warren with a heavy kick to the body. Warren swings wildly with the right and misses then has a takedown stuffed. Right hand by Warren. Left jab by Taimanglo. Taimanglo presses Warren toward the fence but he spins away. Taimanglo misses with the uppercut. Warren misses big again to end R2. 10-9 Taimanglo.

Round 3: Warren is swing wildly to open round three. He does connect with a left hook to the chin. Taimanglo slips a clinch attempt. Warren shoots in at 1:03 but can’t get Taimanglo off his feet. Taimanglo responds with a leg kick. He hits another and Warren knocks Taimanglo down and immediately jumps on top into guard. Sonnen and Goldberg debate whether or not that was a knockdown or a slip but either way Warren is on top. Warren scoots Taimanglo to the fence and looks to take the back. He doesn’t get it but he has the half guard and one arm around Taimanglo’s neck. Taimanglo gets back up at 2:58 and now he’s the one who shoots the takedown. Warren tries and fails to sweep at 3:17. Taimanglo goes to take the back and throws rights at Warren’s head. Warren pops up at 3:44 and both men reset. Taimanglo shoots again and puts Warren on his butt. Taimanglo with a right to the face as Warren tries to sit up and push off with his left hand. Taimanglo keeps driving him into the fence not letting Warren get off his knees. Warren gets up at 4:47 and goes for a takedown and pops out of a guillotine late. 10-9 Taimanglo.

Final result: 30-27 Taimanglo, 29-28 Warren, and 30-27 for Taimanglo by split decision.

Kristina Williams vs. Emily Ducote

Ducote is 6-3 in the white trunks with red gloves and Williams is 1-0 in the black trunks and top with blue gloves. Williams hails from Edmond, Oklahoma and Ducote from Oklahoma City. Our referee for this contest is Jacob Montalvo.

Round 1: A glove tap opens the round. Williams looks to use her height, reach and muay thai experience right away. Ducote is keeping her hands up high and throwing leg kicks. Williams throws a right elbow at Ducote’s head. A right hand gets through the defense. Ducote catches a kick but Williams snatches it back and stays standing. Williams throws a flurry and continues to nail the lead left leg of Ducote with a right kick. Ducote occasionally changes her stance going backward but invariably resets to her left. Spinning push kick by Williams. Combo by Williams. Ducote’s left eye has been blackened. 90 seconds left. Ducote’s takedown attempt is blocked. Head kick and spin kick by Williams. Right hook and kick for Williams both land but Ducote finally gets a takedown off catching a kick and sweeping the leg. It’s the final minute of the round though and Ducote doesn’t do enough on top to win it back. 10-9 Williams.

Round 2: Williams continues to strike aggressively as R2 gets underway. Even if Ducote engages Williams gets the better of the exchange. Good leg kick for Ducote. Williams throws a nasty head kick that’s partially checked. Williams blocks a takedown attempt and continues to punish Ducote standing who now has a cut above her eye. Ducote may have thought staying at range was the strategy but she didn’t stay far enough away if that was the plan. She gets staggered by a left kick to the head but quickly recovers. Ducote throws a flush left kick to the head of her own. Ducote’s whole face is quickly turning shades of black, blue and purple. 90 seconds left in R2. Ducote connects with the right kick to the head but eats 2-3 shots right back. Williams’ right hook has opened up Ducote’s nose. The left jab continues to feel out the range. Swing and miss on a spin kick for Williams. Williams goes for broke with elbows to finish R2 but Ducote did land a stinger in response. 10-9 Williams.

Round 3: Ducote’s corner has done their best with the enswell but she still looks like a mess. Williams just continues to pummel Ducote with the right hands and kicks. Williams looks like she’s been in a sparring session and Ducote looks like she’s been in a bar brawl. It’s not as bad as what Williams did to Heather Hardy but it’s not pretty either. 2:30 gone. Ducote lands a right and eats a right. If she can still see out of her left eye I’d be amazed. Leg kick for Williams. Ducote with a leg trip takedown at 3:39. Ducote tries to pass to side but Williams recovered to butterfly guard. One minute remains. Ducote gets side control at 4:23 then gains a full mount with short time left. Ducote goes for an armbar but Williams was able to block and hang on to the bell. 10-9 Ducote but Williams will win the day.

Final result: The judges score this contest 29-28 Williams, 30-27 Ducote, 29-28 for Williams.

William Joplin vs. Juan Archuleta

Archuleta is 18-1, Joplin is 17-14. Archuleta 30, Joplin 39. Archuleta and Joplin both have a 69” reach. Joplin has the blue gloves, silver trunks, and he fights out of Lee’s Summit, Missouri. Archuleta has the red trunks and gloves, fighting out of Venice Beach, California. Our referee is Jerin Valel.

Round 1: Archuleta circles on the outside as both men trade leg kicks. Archuleta tags Joplin with a right hook and starts coming forward, rocking Joplin with a lead uppercut and punishing him with shots to the body against the fence. Archuleta takes him down at 53 seconds and winds up in full guard. Joplin pulls down on his head so Archuleta throws rights to the body and unloads with left elbows when he gets that arm free. He gets the right arm out and throws a few more then right hooks to the head as Joplin gets back to his knees. Joplin stands at 1:57 so Archuleta tries a flying knee then resets. Joplin wings out an overhand right and shoots for a single leg but can’t get it. More lefts to the head from Archuleta. Archuleta hits a double leg takedown at 3:06. Joplin is trying to get back up at 4:08 so Archuleta unloads with knees to the legs and ribs, and another to the head. Valel stops the action for a potential low blow but Joplin says he wants to continue so Archuleta takes him right back down with 15 seconds left to go. 10-8 Archuleta.

Round 2: Archuleta throws Joplin to the ground 16 seconds into R2 and nails him with a kick once he gets back to his feet. Archuleta looks to take the back against the fence and throws lefts to the head and knees to the left leg Joplin is trying to stand back up with. He does get back up at 1:09. Archuleta tries a cartwheel head kick and Joplin tries one of his own. Archuleta misses with a spinning backfist and Joplin does too. Archuleta shoots and completes a double at 2:01. Joplin closes the guard and Archuleta throws hands to the body, but Valel warns him to get busy or he’ll be stood up. Joplin wants exactly that. 90 seconds remain in R2. More rights to the body by Archuleta as Valel gives another warning for activity. Right elbow to the chin. Valel stands them up at 4:24. Archuleta immediately lands a 1-2 combo and spins Joplin around in a circle before slamming him down. 10-9 Archuleta.

Round 3: Swing and a miss on Archuleta’s first takedown attempt of R3. Left body kick by Archuleta lands flush. Archuleta goes body head and throws more 1-2 combinations. Archuleta dances side to side and pops the jab as a mouse swells under Joplin’s left eye. Archuleta slams Joplin down again at 1:51. Valel warns both men to “stop talking and keep fighting.” Archuleta is looking for a choke but Joplin is trying to insist to Valel he’s okay — it appears he is. Less than two minutes to go. Joplin starts to get back up with 90 seconds left and Archuleta makes him pay with knees to the body and leg. Joplin gets fully upright at 3:58 but he’s pinned against the fence eating nasty blows and a reverse elbow. Archuleta tries two more jumping knees. Both men decide to let it all hang out for the last ten seconds, swinging away wildly, then hugging at the final bell. 10-9 Archuleta.

Final result: Juan Archuleta wins via unanimous decision 30-26, 30-24 and 30-23.

Romero Cotton vs. Justin Reeser

Black trunks and blue gloves, 1-1 for Reeser, fighting out of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Black trunks and red gloves, 1-0 for Cotton, fighting out of Hutchinson, Kansas. Our referee for this fight is Kerry Hatley.

Round 1: Glove tap gets us underway with Reeser taking the center and Cotton circling outside. Cotton drops for a takedown and gets side control, looking to posture up against the fence, then retaking side control as Reeser hangs on trying to avoid heavy left hands. Reeser was looking for an inverted triangle but couldn’t lock it on. Cotton looks for a mounted crucifix and continues to pour on the damage. Reeser is trying to push off the fence with his feet. Cotton responds with some reverse elbows. Reeser finally pushes off and sweeps to a stand up. Cotton immediately shoots again and Reeser spreads his legs to no avail as Cotton sits him down against the fence, pummeling the body and taking the back. Cotton throws lefts to the head and rights under the chin. Cotton gets hooks in with short time left and Reeser survives. 10-9 Cotton.

Round 2: Reeser unloads a few leg kicks to start R2 and presses Cotton into the fence at 40 seconds. Reeser hurts him with a couple of rights but Cotton gets a takedown to save himself. Cotton tags the chin with a left from closed guard. More left hooks to the chin and elbows as Hatley looks on, warning Cotton about shots to the back of the head. Cotton almost pinned the right arm with a knee but Reeser snatched it back. Some hammerfist rights by Cotton. Cotton tries to posture up a little but gets pulled back down. He finally stands up at 4:08 for a few good blows. Reeser gives up his back and Cotton quickly gets the rear naked choke with under a half minute left.

Final result: Romero Cotton wins via submission (rear naked choke) at 4:35 of round two.

Ky Bennett vs. Morgan Solis

Round 1: Unaired before Paramount Network.

Final result: Ky Bennett wins via submission (americana) at 3:37 of round two.

Teagan Dooley vs. Kevin Holland

Holland is 11-3 in the silver trunks and blue gloves and fights out of Fort Worth, Texas. Dooley is 6-2 in the black trunks and red gloves and fights out of Spanaway, Washington. Holland has a 7” reach advantage, 79.5” in reach. Our referee is Jerin Valel.

Round 1: Tap of gloves starts R1. Dooley goes for a takedown immediately and gets it. Holland tries to trap the head off his back, sweeps at 44 seconds, and Dooley gets warned not to grab the shorts (which read Jim Ross in bright white print). Dooley sweeps his way back on top but he’s wincing as Holland keeps pulling on his beck. Holland sweeps on top again at 1:52. Holland drives shoulders to the head from side control, throws some hammerfists as Dooley starts to stand up, Dooley shoots for a takedown and ends up in the guard with Holland wrapping his legs around Dooley’s head then pulling Dooley’s head down to force the tap.

Final result: Triangle choke at 2:59 of round one for Kevin Holland.

Thomas Lopez vs. Aaron Webb

Red trunks and blue gloves for Lopez, 1-3, fighting out of Sherman, Texas. Black trunks with gold trim and red gloves for Webb, 1-0, fighting out of Joliet, Illinois. Our referee is Jason Herzog.

Round 1: Webb gives chase right away at the opening bell and both men are trading leather. Webb shoots for the single leg and elevates Lopez high in the air but he doesn’t get the takedown and they reset at 45 seconds. Lopez lands a leg kick and a few hooks to the chin. His left jab and right hook are finding a home repeatedly. Webb comes charging right back at 1:30 and ties up with Lopez as his corner calls for knees. Lopez pushes him toward the fence and both men engage in some dirty boxing. Webb drops looking for the single leg again and Lopez keeps his stance wide. Lopez finally pushes Webb away at 2:53 and starts pumping shots. Webb responds with rights and lefts and he hurts Lopez in the flurry, forcing Herzog to step in and wave off the fight when Lopez stops defending himself.

Final result: Aaron Webb wins via knockout at 3:11 of round one.

Brian Grinnell vs. Justin Patterson

Red trunks with red gloves for Patterson, 9-4, fighting out of Fort Worth, Texas. Black trunks and blue gloves for Grinnell, 10-7, fighting out of Ada, Oklahoma. “Everything else is virtually identical.” Our referee is Jerin Valel.

Round 1: Glove tap gets R1 underway. Grinnell shoots immediately, gets Patterson to the ground, tries to go for a key lock but can’t get it. He ends up in side control anyway 45 seconds into the fight. Grinnell goes North-South and then back to side control. He tries to take the back but Patterson gets a reversal to the top in closed guard. Grinnell sweeps and slips off the back putting Patterson right back on top. Grinnell is going for an arm from the bottom and reverses his way back on top again with half of R1 gone. He’s in half guard now trying to crank on arm again. Patterson gives up his back and then manages to get Grinnell back to half guard. Patterson flips Grinnell over but Grinnell lets him as he’s going for an arm choke. Patterson gets out at 4:14 and then sweeps back on top into the closed guard. Patterson backs out when he senses a triangle attempt coming and he starts pouring on damage with a hard right knee to the body that causes Grinnell to stop defending and turn away. Valel waves off the fight and Grinnell falls to his knees. He stays down for quite a while but eventually gets back up.

Final result: Justin Patterson wins via technical knockout at 4:49 of the first round.

Armando Servin vs. Fernando Gonzalez

Black trunks and red gloves, 2-0 for Gonzalez, fighting out of San Jose, California. 4-5, long black trunks and blue gloves for Servin, fighting out of Dallas Texas. Gonzalez is 30, Servin is 39. Our referee is Jacob Montalvo.

Round 1: Servin circles on the outside looking to throw leg kicks. Gonzalez just stands and waits for an opportunity to throw a shot. Servin shoots in and throws a knee to the body but doesn’t get him to the ground in the exchange. Servin resets and goes back to circling on the outside and both men trade head shots. Gonzalez opened up a cut on Servin with the left hook. Servin hurts him with a right and gives chase, throwing combos, dropping him with a left. Servin gets on top. Gonzalez recovers on the ground, traps an arm with his legs, and cinches up an armbar for a verbal tapout.

Final result: Fernando Gonzalez via submission (armbar) at 2:24 of round one.

Daniel Carey vs. Cris Williams

Williams is undefeated at 4-0. Carey is 3-2. Williams has the red gloves, Carey the blue. Carey fights out of Ada, Oklahoma wearing the purple trunks. Williams fights out of Portland, Oregon in the silver trunks. Our referee is Jason Herzog.

Round 1: Williams and Carey trade kicks early. Care puts a left on Williams. He circles on the outside and Williams throws a spin kick and a left toward the chin as he clinches with Carey and moves to the fence. Williams throws elbows at the ribs as they fight at close range. Carey breaks free and hits a left and an uppercut, then Williams pulls guard and lets Carey on top. Williams gets his legs around Carey’s neck and Carey tries to slam his way out of danger. Williams hangs on until 2:49 when Carey pulls out. Carey keeps moving his head in and out trying to not give Williams any more potential submissions. Williams keeps squirming on his back, a constant flurry of motion, trying to find any opening. Carey finally backs up at 4:45 avoiding the upkick, Williams scoots at him on his butt, the bell ends R1. 10-9 Carey.

Round 2: Carey catches a kick and takes Williams down, then Carey pulls out of a potential submission 20 seconds in and they return to standing and exchanging. They wind up clinched against the fence with Williams scissoring a leg but he winds up pulling Carey on top of him. Carey backs free at 1:38, standing and throwing a wild right that misses. Carey unloads with kicks and Williams briefly stumbles on his right leg. He clinches with Carey again. Carey gets a warning for grabbing the cage from Herzog, who stops the fight, resets both men, and Williams gets the takedown but Carey gets up to his knees. Williams finally forces him back down and gets one hook in with two minutes left, getting the second hook briefly but Carey spins on top at 3:43. Carey backs away at 4:00 and signals to Williams to stand back up. Carey continues to throw the left kick and left hook. Williams tries a spinning fist and misses. Superman punch for Carey. 10-9 Carey.

Round 3: Carey pumps the left hook two times right away, Carey gets the takedown 15 seconds in, Williams fishes for a submission and Carey stands right back up. Williams goes for a double and puts Carey on his butt, looking to yank the legs out, then taking Carey’s back instead and getting a hook in. Carey gets back up at 1:16. Williams with two right kicks to the body and a left to the chin. Williams shoots and we’ve got another clinch. Carey reverses it standing and presses Williams into the fence. Williams breaks at 2:25. Williams and Carey miss each other with kicks. Carey connects with a right. Williams shoots but Carey has his back to the fence again. Carey has the right shoulder trapped and is able to use the trapped arm to briefly stand up. Carey gets up again at 3:50, taking a knee to the body and coming forward throwing hooks. Williams shoots and Carey is on top again at 4:11. Williams squirms around on his back and Carey backs off with 10 seconds left, not giving him any opportunity for a sub, landing one more right to the chin standing before the bell. 10-9 Carey.

Final result: The judges score this contest 29-28 X3 for Daniel Carey.

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