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Leon Edwards wants ‘p*ssy’ Darren Till to stop waiting for ‘Wonderboy’ and fight him at UFC ‘Liverpool’

Leon Edwards earned his fifth straight win inside the Octagon this past weekend (Sat., March 17, 2018) by knocking out Peter Sobotta with one second remaining in the fight at UFC Fight Night 127 in London, England.

See it again here.

Afterward, Leon took to the mic to call out newest Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) up-and-coming star, Darren Till, who just so happened to be sitting cageside. During a recent appearance on The MMA Hour, “Rocky” took it a step further, challenging Till to a showdown at the upcoming UFC “Liverpool” event on May 27 which Darren is slated to headline.

“Stop being a pussy and let’s fight. You say you’re the greatest of all time, so let’s prove it. That’s my words to him. Let’s go, stop waiting for the ‘Wonderboy’ fight, I’m down the road, let’s go,” he said.

Of course, Till wasn't too impressed by the challenge on Saturday, saying Leon still has to work his way up the ladder before he gets a fight with him. And while Edwards has been putting in his work, he feels the promotion could do a bit more to get his name out there, something that could bring him bigger scraps.

“Hopefully they stay on it and keep pushing me, keep building a star. I feel I’ve got everything to be a star. I just got to get them behind me and believing in me,” said a confident Edwards.

“I’ve been competing with all these guys they’ve been giving me; all of the so-called tough guys, up-and-coming guys and I am beating them with ease. So hopefully they get behind me now and start pushing me and giving me top 10 fights.”

As Leon mentioned, Till has been trying to lock down a fight against Stephen Thompson, but apparently “Wonderboy” isn’t too keen on facing the “The Gorilla,” though he seems to be softening his stance a bit. That said, if Leon can’t secure his fight with the Brit, then maybe he can look here to keep busy in the meantime.

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