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Pic: Lightweight pulled from UFC London event reveals gruesome, brain-eating eye infection

What the heck?

Not since this crazy illness have we seen a UFC bout scrapped under such bizarre medical circumstances. And while fans were bummed they lost a 155-pound contest at last weekend’s UFC London mixed martial arts (MMA) event, just imagine how Nasrat Haqparast feels.

The Afghani lightweight is dealing with some sort of weird eye infection that can find its way north and wreak havoc on the brain. Not surprisingly, UFC officials were like “Nah” when it came to his showdown opposite Nad Narimani on the UFC Fight Night 127 “Prelims” card.

“I got an eye infection on fight week, got three different medications and from day to day it became worse,” Haqparast wrote on social media. “I had sunglasses on at the official weigh ins to not show my infected eye and still try to fight. We tried everything possible to deliver the best performance of my life.”

I’m not sure how this bug was contracted and it’s probably better we don’t know.

No word yet on when Haqparast will be medically cleared to return to the Octagon, but there’s a solid chance his Narimani showdown could be booked for later this spring, perhaps here.

Stay tuned.

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