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Forget Mark Hunt and Derrick Lewis, Francis Ngannou wants UFC fight against ‘big and strong’ Brock Lesnar

After Francis Ngannou announced he was cutting his mixed martial arts (MMA) hiatus short, the former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight title contender took to social media to finally address Derrick Lewis, who has been “talking shit” about “The Predator” at every turn.

Soon thereafter, another former title challenger in the form of Mark Hunt attempted to hijack the fight from “Black Beast,” saying he wants a piece of Francis later this year. So who’s going to end up winning the “Predator” sweepstakes?

Brock Lesnar.

During a recent guest spot on The MMA Hour, Ngannou addressed both Lewis and Hunt, but said he’d rather face the WWE Superstar-turned MMA world champion if given his pick of the litter.

“Derrick Lewis is No. 6 contender, it’s not really what I want, but if it’s the fight they are going to set up, I am going to fight it. I am still looking forward to work for the title shot. That’s my goal,” he said. “If afterward they want to give me that, a lot of people want to fight me. I saw Mark Hunt, he will be a great one. I heard about.. but for myself I want Brock Lesnar,” he added with a smile. “I like the fight. He look very, very big and strong. I really want to try that.”

The rumor mill has been spinning with a potential Brock return, as his contract is set to expire with WWE in a few months. And since Dana White has been adding fuel to the fire, Lesnar returning to the Octagon could be a very real possibility.

To hear Ngannou tell it, the sport needs Lesnar in a big way.

“Please Brock, come back my friend. I need, we need you here to put some fun in the division. I need to give me the fight, this is what I have been waiting for and training for.”

Not sure Stefan Struve agrees.

If not, Francis is all for facing current world boxing champion, Anthony Joshua, who has expressed interest in MMA. “And then I heard Anthony Joshua want to fight in MMA. If he wants to face me, he is welcome and we can do both sides, in the Octagon and inside the ring.”

Can’t tell if serious or...

When asked to pick a more realistic matchup between Hunt or Lewis, Ngannou simply responded by saying “it doesn’t matter,” as they are both “similar.” At the end of the day, it’s safe to bet on Lewis as Ngannou’s next opponent since both men already have a built up rivalry.

But if “Super Samoan” succeeds in his hijacking attempt, then it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

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