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Francis Ngannous is back and he wants s**t talker Derrick Lewis

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Ngannou is looking to cash all those checks the ‘Black Beast’ wrote about him these past few months.

MMA: UFC 220- Miocic vs Ngannou Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Francis Ngannou has ridden a rocket to the top of the UFC heavyweight division over the past three years, and while he failed in his bid to take the title off Stipe Miocic in January, there’s no doubt he’s still a force to be reckoned with. Following that loss to Miocic, he declared his intent to take some time off and relax ... but that time is apparently already up just two months later.

Ngannou declared his return on social media and singled out Derrick Lewis as a future opponent.

”Derrick has been talking some of his sh*t while I was off,” Ngannou wrote. “Can someone please let him know that I’m here now, so if he really wants me, he should send his manager to deal with the UFC.”

Just to refresh your memories, the always entertaining Lewis called Ngannou a ‘juiced up 40 year old’ that gasses out at the drop of a hat.

Ngannou just may get his wish on this one. Lewis won his last fight in February against Marcin Tybura via knockout and has an open schedule. We can’t see why the UFC wouldn’t go ahead and throw him against Ngannou if that smack is making the African fighter’s return come faster.