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Colby Covington responds to Fabricio Werdum’s UFC London loss in typical Colby fashion

There’s no love lost between Colby and Fabricio, and that shone through in Colby’s response to the heavyweight’s defeat.

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Werdum vs Volkov Per Haljestam-USA TODAY Sports

Fabricio Werdum and Colby Covington have a bit of history, what with Colby Covington trashing Werdum’s country on the regular and Fabricio Werdum hitting Covington in the face with a boomerang as a response. So of course Colby would take some pleasure in seeing Fabricio lose to Alexander Volkov in the main event of UFC: London.

As usual, Covington’s preffered method of communication was Twitter but instead of dropping a blistering rant like he’s been known for in the past, he kept it simple this time with an elegant Simpsons gif.

The loss to Volkov wrecks any chance of Werdum earning a heavyweight title shot in the immediate future, which of course was what he was angling for. These days it seems an event doesn’t go by when another new heavyweight usurps the place of an aging legend, and this time it was Werdum’s turn to be upset by the next generation of big men.

As for Covington, he’s still on the sidelines hoping a title shot with Tyron Woodley will magically appear for him. We imagine he’ll take some time away from the keyboard to fight again once Woodley officially signs to fight Rafael Dos Anjos, which is the fight Dana White has been saying is next forever.

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