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UFC Fight Night 127 results: Leon Edwards stops Peter Sobotta with literal last-second stoppage

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Edwards vs Barberena Per Haljestam-USA TODAY Sports

Welterweights Leon Edwards and Peter Sobotta clashed in the opening fight of Fight Night 117 today (Sat., March 17, 2018) in the O2 Arena in London, England, broadcast live on UFC Fight Pass. The card seemed determined to break records, with yet another very very late stoppage in this bout.

Edwards got a knockdown early with a slick combination, then pounced into top position. Despite a tight armbar attempt from Sobotta, he held top position for most of the round, until the referee finally stood them up again. It was Edwards moving forward as Sobotta looked for the right counter in the remaining portion of thefirst round. Edwards landed a nice body kick.

Sobotta landed a leg kick to start the second round. Edwards looked for a step-up lead body kick but nailed Sobotta in the nuts instead. On the restart, It was Sobotta who looked to jab and hook his way forward while Edwards looked to counter. They clinched and Edwards took Sobotta down with an outside trip on the cage. Sobotta looked for a kimura from the bottom. Somehow he slipped over Edwards’ back and got a hook in; Edwards managed to shuck him off again, still clinging to that kimura grip. He finally got arm free and returned to Sobotta’s guard. After not doing a whole lot, the referee stood them back up again. Edwards landed a combination and a switch kick.

Edwards threw a high kick that just missed. Sobotta looked to shot on Edwards, but was stuffed. Sobotta jabbed at him, ate a one-two as he moved away. Peter Sobotta changed levels beautifully and shot in, landing the double. Edwards scrambled up immediately on the cage, with Sobotta clinging to him looking for the mat return. Edwards warded him off, turned into him, and got top position. He worked from guard and when Sobotta turtled, began landing hard shots from the wrestler’s ride. The referee stopped the fight a split second before the buzzer sounded, making this the second 4:59 round 3 stoppage on the card.

An incredibly late finish, and Edwards promptly called out Darren Till for the Liverpool card, shouting at the cageside Till that he is the best welterweight from the UK. As Till doesn’t have an opponent yet for that bout, booking another UK fighter in Edwards would be a no-lose scenario for the UFC in Liverpool.

Official result: Leon Edwards def. Peter Sobotta at 4:59 of round 3

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