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Gervonta Davis talks UFC: ‘Dana White, I’m waiting on your call’

It looks like undefeated boxing sensation Gervonta Davis may actually be serious about making a jump to mixed martial arts (MMA).

The Floyd Mayweather Jr. protege is currently 19-0 as a professional boxer and captured the IBF super featherweight championship early last year. Despite his past accomplishments and legitimate boxing potential, Davis teased a move over to Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) last week via Twitter.

As you could have imagined, Davis was quickly met with backlash from the MMA community. Having never competed in any combat sport outside of boxing, “Tank” would be a fish out of water should he ever step inside of the Octagon.

Still, that hasn’t stopped Davis from heating up the discussion and throwing more gasoline on a fire he created seven days ago. In a recent interview with TMZ Sports (shown above), Davis dove a little deeper into his UFC aspirations.

“I forget the fighter that called me out in the UFC, but he called me out and I went on YouTube and watched some UFC fights and I liked it,” said Davis. “I was thinking maybe I can do that, maybe I can switch over back-and-forth. Something to play with when I’m not boxing or have a match. If the opportunity up for grabs, then I’m definitely willing to fight any of them guys in my weight class, not someone that’s super big.”

While Davis has every right to feel comfortable and confident in his striking (evident by his 18 career wins by KO/TKO), the 23-year-old really doesn’t know what he’d be in store for if he ever fought a true martial artist. But as a Baltimore native, Davis still believes he could hold his own on the ground.

“I’m looking forward to fighting one of them if the opportunity presents itself,” said Davis. “Someone in my weight class and my money right, a belt on the line – even if the belt is not on the line, if the money is right, I’m with it. I would take it and I would win. I come from Baltimore. We wrestle. We hit you up top and we rush you. So, I think I got [the ground game]. I believe I’ll be undefeated in the UFC too. Dana White, I’m waiting on your call baby.”

Davis isn’t the only Team Mayweather member to tease a UFC takeover this month, as Mayweather himself discussed his plans to start training in the near future. Unlike Mayweather, who would only be looking for a cash grab, Davis still has a bright future in boxing.

Maybe “Tank” should worry about his upcoming title fight opposite Jesus Cuellar on April 21 before he barks up the wrong tree in MMA.

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