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Video: Dana White now a playable character in EA Sports UFC 3, invites you to come beat his ass

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White is now a playable character in the EA Sports UFC 3 video game, which means you, the bitter fan, can download the suspiciously-buff fight boss and lay waste to him inside the Octagon.

Unconfirmed reports have this fighter as the first download.

“EA Sports tells me you, the fans, wanted it. Well, you got it,” White said. “I’m in the new video game. For all of you who wanted to punch me in the face for the last 20 years, now’s your chance. Download it now on EA Sports UFC 3 before I change my mind.”

He looks like Bald Bull but fights like Glass Joe.

White isn’t the first non-UFC fighter to join the digital ranks. Previous downloads include legendary martial arts movie star Bruce Lee, as well as retired boxing heavyweight “Iron” Mike Tyson.

EA Sports UFC 3 is available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox ONE.

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