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Midnight Mania! UFC’s Ilir Latifi wants to launch wildlife show, travel the world

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Welcome to Midnight Mania! Ilir Latifi, he of elephant-riding fame, wants to launch a wildlife show where he does more of what he already does- explore nature and ride wild beasts. I’m 100% on board with this. From Nick Baldwin at

“I’ve always said one day, I’m gonna do a Steve Irwin kind of animal show — 100 percent, you’re gonna see that. That is gonna be on another level. You’re never gonna see the things that I’m gonna do. I have plans about that. I just want to find the right people and team to work with, great production team to do it. I would love to do it. A lot of people would love to see it, right? I’m gonna do a crazy show. Probably we will start in Africa, do the big five: see all the lions, the buffalo, the rhinos — rhinos are my favorite — elephants. Then probably do the Amazon in Brazil, see that. And Australia. There’s a lot of cool places to see. Nature is amazing.”

Latifi explains that the famous photo of himself riding the horse bareback wasn’t something he did for social media. That’s just who he is.

“I’m very interested in everything with nature and animals and wildlife. I just love taking a ride on a horse on the beach. I never thought [there] would be such a hype about that photo. I think it’s just like it is a natural photo, and almost a little bit raw — like some kind of ancient time, I don’t know what. But it’s a cool photo, I can admit it.”

He also explained the following photo:

“I was at an elephant sanctuary that helps elephants that have been abused and stuff. They take care of them. I was there visiting and got the opportunity to meet some amazing animals. Elephants are very intelligent; they have a great memory.”

“Can you imagine seeing me riding a rhino?” Latifi asked. “It would be amazing.”


Rener Gracie with the smart babysitting.

I babysit like I jiu-jitsu.

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Who is this old lady??

In this fight, I’ve got Yoel Romero.

Here we go! @yoelromeromma

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Roger Huerta is back in Bellator.

Nick Newell draws a distinction between himself and CM Punk without being negative. 14-1 is a respectable regional record’ his only loss is to top ten lightweight Justin Gaethje. I would like to see him get a UFC shot.

Rich Franklin is living his best life

Is this useful or just for show?

I love good pad work.

Some days I truly think Dana White takes joy in people’s pain. Then I remember, that’s crazy talk, he’s the premiere fight promoter for the world’s most open widely accepted rule set of combat. Of course he enjoys violence.

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Sharing this clip mostly for the repeated footsweeps, which are great, staged or not.

This crocodile probably didn’t start his day thinking he would get jumped by a pack... pod... swarm... whatever a gang of hippos is called. (looks it up really quickly) Crash. A crash of hippos.

Gunnar Nelson is one of those quiet dudes who is quietly hilarious with his Michael Jackson parody videos and his tribute to Anchorman here.

Mustache March @mjolnirmma with @mgm_86

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Slap happy grappling

This was always McGregor’s most signature of signature punches, but the Jose Aldo fight made it iconic.

This kid is the most flexible human I think I’ve ever witnessed.

This takes an incredible amount of skill and composure

Slips, Rips, KO Clips

We got a lot of weekend knockouts to review... you’re going to want to see some of these.

Okay this was the best knockout of the weekend by far.

Nice debut indeed.

This is the kind of clinch punching I aspire to

Front kick to the face!

He definitely tapped

This got real violent

Ouch. Ouch ouch ouch.

This is why the gi changes everything

I can name a couple but this is pretty good

Here we have some old-ass fights in this thread and if you like that stuff you should go visit it. Lucas Bourdon has the old-school kickboxing knowledge.

Old school grappling is fun too

I never knew this about Ricardo Arona and Rampage Jackson’s famous powerbomb.

Good Reads

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The MMA Hour

The Monday Morning Analyst examines whether Nick Newell does or does not belong in the UFC

Random Land

This girl is insanely strong

This is hilarious

If Daylight Savings kicked your ass today this will cheer you up

Good Morning...

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I’m not ending tonight on fluffy cat and chick videos... because I’ve got something even better.

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