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‘American hero’ Ben Askren can sell a million PPV’s if UFC markets him right, will beat up Georges St-Pierre in 2019

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Welterweight and Middleweight champion, Georges St-Pierre, recently stated that a fight between he and Ben Askren would’ve been great for his legacy at one point in time had “Funky” been given the spotlight under the biggest stage of them all; the Octagon, in order to increase his fan-base.

Unfortunately, UFC president Dana White was never too fond of Ben, so the wrestling powerhouse fought his way to an undefeated record (18-0-1) under the Bellator MMA and ONE umbrellas before retiring from the sport last year.

So what does Ben think of St-Pierre’s assessment? He took to The MMA Hour to offer up a rebuttal.

“The UFC marketing machine is set up for one thing, and the one thing they market is the stand-and-bang fighters. And they fail to have any recognition of how to market someone who doesn’t fit in that little profile. For me vs ‘GSP,’ if you learn to market me the right way, I am undefeated, I am an Olympian, I’m a damn American hero. I will sell a million pay-per-views if you learn to market me the right way.”

Indeed, Askren called out the UFC’s marketing machine for failing to market legit champions such as Demetrious Johnson and Stipe Miocic, two-record setting title holders who don’t get the love as other stars or champions simply because they don’t fit UFC’s mold of a sell-able athlete.

Like this one.

“I have been on record saying I will go to Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 2019, I will beat up ‘GSP,’ and I will have 20,000 Canadians booing me and it will be a fantastic site to see. Absolutely, yes,” he added. “In 2019, I will fight Georges St-Pierre at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada its going to be sold out and we will make a lot of money.”

As for his contractual obligations with ONE, Askren -- who retired as the company’s Welterweight champion — says when the time comes, he is confident the promotion won’t stand in his way for a potential super fight against “Rush.”

As for how Ben plans on getting the job done if and when he does get the fight, “Funky” says a technical knockout victory in the fifth round sounds about right, though he knows “Rush” will be a tough test on the feet.

Now, if we can just get Dana White on board.

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