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Fellow Irishman Joe Duffy isn’t hot on Conor McGregor getting into local politics

Don’t expect Joe Duffy to vote for Conor McGregor if he follows through on hints that he may eventually get into Irish politics.

Esther Lin

Conor McGregor isn’t the kind of guy who’s afraid to dream big and one particular dream he’s touched on a few times since his superfight with Floyd Mayweather is the idea of getting into politics. Manny Pacquiao has done it, and so has Fedor Emelianenko. So why not Conor McGregor too?

”As I get older at 29 years of age, I find that I am becoming more and more interested in where much of the money in my home state has gone,” McGregor wrote on social media back at the start of February. “And where it actually goes when it comes in. There are more and more things I see daily that don’t add up. I see many things I do not like and I see many things that I feel can be easily amended under correct instruction. We shall see.”

He may have a pretty big following from his fighting, but fellow Irish fighter Joe Duffy (who just so happens to hold a submission win over McGregor from 2010) doesn’t think that would translate well into politics.

”Nah I don’t think so,” Duffy told TMZ Sports when asked if Ireland was ready for Conor the politician. “In Ireland, people are quite humble. In the city, obviously you get a lot more people who are confident and brash and a lot of those personalities, but people in general are hard working people, working hard every day. Cockiness isn’t a trait that they take to.”

”But they support their own and they support their athletes and obviously Conor is a great athlete so they’re going to get behind him and obviously he’s done well.”

That’s a pretty even keeled response from Duffy compared to many of the other UFC lightweights that always seem to be trying to tear Conor down. Even with the arm triangle choke win over McGregor in his back pocket, he’s always kept it classier than most. Maybe that’s just Joe Duffy or maybe it’s that Irish unity. Either way, it’s a good look in today’s trash talk-fueled MMA scene ... another thing a lot of people complain is a byproduct of the McGregor era.

Speaking of trash talk, do you think McGregor’s earlier statements saying “F**k politics and f**k the Queen!” would help or hinder his hypothetical election chances in the future?

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