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Mirko Crocop rips Roy Nelson and his disgusting beard over ‘special supplements’ accusation

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Things are already getting heated between Mirko and Roy in the lead up to their Bellator 200 match on May 25th.

Mirko Cro Cop

Mirko Crocop and Roy Nelson are set to fight each other again at Bellator 200 on May 25th, and if what we have here is any indication, the two should have a nice amount of animosity build up by the time fight week comes around.

Nelson kicked things off by telling MMA Junkie that he suspects Mirko Crocop is back on the juice, something a lot of people probably assume since he ignored a USADA suspension for human growth hormone and started fighting in unregulated Japan.

“I think Cro Cop’s definitely always improving with age, but I think he’s back on the special supplements, better supplements than usual,” Nelson said. “Throughout my whole fight career, the only reason people want to fight me or have a chance to beat me, is if they get something. It’s something I just know that everybody is just on it. It’s one of those things where it’s an uphill battle. If you can help prevent it, cool. But at the end of the day I just go out there and fight whoever they want me to fight.”

Now Mirko is firing back.

Dear Roy Nelson,you dont have to worry that i’m using any ‘special supplements’ as you claim.the only ‘special...

Posted by Mirko CroCop Filipovic on Sunday, March 11, 2018

”Dear Roy Nelson,” he wrote on Facebook. “You don’t have to worry that I’m using any ‘special supplements’ as you claim. The only ‘special supplements’ I’m using is 2 hard and bloody trainings per day, five days a week.”

”And I will be tested, like all others, during preparations for the fight and before and right after the fight. So you can be calm and start thinking of some good excuse after I beat up your fat disrespectful ass, you have enough time to May 25. And do me a favor please and shave that disgusting beard, look like professional fighter and show respect to your opponent. Good luck!”

The Mohegan Sun commission that’s handling sanctioning for Bellator at UFC 200 in London have already said they plan on testing Crocop through his camp leading up to the fight, so it does sound like there will be some decent oversight to make sure Mirko isn’t just juicing to the gills. We doubt it’s anywhere near as stringent as USADA, but even if they just get one or two random drug tests over the next three months that’s more than most fighters get. Not that it’ll help Crocop shake the kind of suspicion Nelson has given voice to.