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Jose Aldo is still on the fence regarding a move to boxing or staying in MMA

Aldo will make the call to stay or switch sports to boxing after his current UFC contract is over.

jose aldo -- esther

Jose Aldo continues to sound like he’s got one foot out the UFC door. The other foot? Still in it, still questing for UFC gold, apparently. The former featherweight kingpin shared his current thoughts and feelings on the ‘Giro Combate’ show from Brazil (translation via MMA Junkie).

“As soon as the contract ends, I’ll decide whether we go to boxing or stay in MMA,” Aldo said. “But my dream, right now, is to get the title back. That’s what I’m focused on. That’s what I’m talking to (head coach Dede Pederneiras) about. That’s what I told my coaches that I want. That’s why I’m training again and keeping everyone motivated. I know I have a chance, I have the skill, and I want to win it again.”

A win over Jeremy Stephens like Aldo is gunning for would get him back up to the top of the featherweight division after being knocked down by current champ Max Holloway twice. But how likely is it that the UFC is going to give Aldo another shot with two defeats to Holloway on his record? Fortunately for Aldo, he’s still got 4 fights left on his UFC contract, which could take two years to shake out. Given the killers at 145, there’s a decent chance Holloway won’t be at the top in another year. Heck, he may not even survive Brian Ortega.

So we’ll have to watch and see whether Aldo continues to do productive things like call out hot featherweights in exciting match ups, rather than shot himself in the foot with a bunch of angry call outs against the UFC for lack of respect. We know what we’d like to happen, and what’s probably going to happen instead.

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