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USADA blood testing about to get ‘virtually painless’ with TAP push-button collecting

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Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighters are about to become guinea pigs.

United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) is rolling out what it describes as a “virtually painless” method of collecting blood, utilizing the TAP device from Seventh Sense Biosystems. It’s named TAP because you tap it and it draws blood quickly, with minimal discomfort.

The last time I got tapped, the discomfort was anything but minimal, but what happens in the clink, stays in the clink. Anyway, the pilot program will be implemented for UFC drug testing and could become standard operating procedure if proven successful.

“The introduction of the TAP device in USADA’s anti-doping efforts will result in a simple, convenient, and virtually painless experience for all athletes who are subject to testing,” said Stuart Blitz, Chief Business Officer for Seventh Sense Biosystems. “We believe the TAP device will help advance clean competition on a global scale for generations to come, as the new standard in blood collection.”

The downside, at least in terms of the athletes, is that USADA will be able to increase blood testing with such a simple collection method. Bounce in, tap that ... arm, and jet. Unless they try that shit in Brazil and get deported by homer law enforcement officers.

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