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Midnight Mania! Roy Jones Jr. gets decision win in final fight, says Anderson Silva is only other option

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Roy Jones Jr. officially capped a long and illustrious career, tonight on UFC Fight Pass. He was unable to put away his overmatched opponent, Scott Sigmon, who he styled on for 10 rounds, winning 98-92 on all three scorecards. Sigmon stayed game, coming forward, thumping at Roy’s body with arm punches to the body.

Compared to Roy Jones Jr., he was clearly athletically out of his depth, something the commentators were very open about. Roy revealed that he had torn his bicep before the fight, perhaps the reason he wasn’t able to get the KO.

I don’t make excuses, but all y’all can call the Andrews Institute and they’ll tell you that last week, I tore my left bicep once again. But because it was Pensacola, I refused to pull out.

Roy reiterated afterwards what he stated beforehand- that Anderson Silva is the only matchup that could draw him out of retirement.

Last but not least, Dana, I know you listening. I know Anderson’s suspended, but that’s the ONLY fight that Roy Jones may return to the ring for. Other than that, chapter closed.


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Happy birthday to Kimbo Slice. Rest in power.

Don’t ever do this.

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I was thinking about left hooks today and look at this.

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