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Midnight Mania! Dana White calls Tyron Woodley full of shit, Woodley fires back

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Despite Dana White’s strong feelings about it, Tyron Woodley continues to push for this Nate Diaz fight. Nate wants the bout too, telling

“I’m getting to the point where I’m sick of not fighting. I’m not getting any younger,” Diaz told ESPN. “I put that tweet out saying I wanted to fight in May or June, but I didn’t say who because I was weighing my options. And now, Woodley is my best option.

”I see him on TMZ every week, talking about me. I’m like, ‘What the f---? If that’s what you want to do.’ It’s not really my weight class, but I’m with it. I think it’s my title we’re fighting for. If he’s the one calling me out, whose title are we fighting for? Who’s the real champion here?”

Diaz is right about Woodley calling him (literally) on TMZ.

Dana fired back with all the scorn he could muster, telling UFC Tonight that the welterweight champion is full of shit. Via

“[Woodley’s] full of sh*t,” White said. “That fight was never made, you couldn’t be more wrong, he couldn’t be more full of sh*t, and it’s absolutely not true. It’s so not true that our lawyer hit him up today and said he needs to stop saying these kind of things, because it’s absolutely not true.”

“Dos Anjos is the fight we’re looking at for Woodley,” White said. “That’s the fair fight, he just won a great fight against Robbie Lawler and looked good and what I love about that fight is dos Anjos will bring it. He will come after Tyron Woodley and it will be a great fight. That’s the fight that’s gonna happen.”

White also repeated his talking point that Diaz had turned down several fights with lightweight opponents:

“We’ve offered Nate Diaz five or six fights in the last several months and he’s turned them all down,” White said. “I’ve said many times over the last several months that I don’t see Nate Diaz fighting. Will he fight this year? Maybe he’ll come out and see he wants to fight eventually, but no, he’s turned down every fight we’ve offered.“

Woodley wasn’t long in responding to Dana White, and he certainly has a point.

White, not unlike the current United States President, does have a long and frequent history of factually incorrect and misleading statements. Among many other examples, he said Anderson Silva would not be fighting Daniel Cormier at UFC 200 (hours before the bout was announced), and most memorably denied the UFC was being sold for 4 billion dollars, including releasing a memo to his employees to that effect. (Many of those employees were subsequently let go.)

In this case, Tyron Woodley is angling for a bout which, divisionally, makes very little sense, but from a promotional standpoint, might very well make sense. Given the direction WME-IMG have taken in these cases lately, it does seem possible Woodley is right.


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