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Video: Dana White drops nearly $70k on Pawn Stars to beef up ‘weapons room’

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In unrelated news, Dan Ige was paid $10,000 to compete at UFC 220 last month in Boston.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) president Dana White loves to collect weapons.

Like this.

But aside from decorating his office, the Las Vegas-fight boss is also building a weapons room inside his nearby residence, which appears to be in dire need of a sword. Well, at least a sword of importance. And since Excalibur is probably off the table, White went with Plan B.

A trip to The World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, featured on the hit A&E show Pawn Stars.

“I’m building this weapons room in my house and what I’m really looking for is a sword. I have some swords, but no real ones,” White told ChumLee. “I love the whole Japanese-Samurai tradition and history.”

Don’t worry, if anyone can afford it, it’s White. Though I can’t imagine why fighters would be complaining about UFC pay. I mean, it’s not like the White empire was built on their blood or anything.

Oh wait...