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Midnight Mania! Joe Rogan says Yamasaki should have stopped Shevchenko-Cachoeira fight ‘15-20 times’

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UFC 220: Makhachev v Tibau Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Joe Rogan has added his voice to the backlash from the trashfire that was the Shevchenko-Cachoeira fight. The bout was allowed to continue for two rounds while Shevchenko administered a clinical and brutal beating, 217 strikes landing from the top. It finally ended when Shevchenko secured a rear-naked choke, tapping Cachoeira. Transcript of Rogan’s take via

“Mario Yamasaki said he gave her the opportunity to, ‘Be a warrior,’” Rogan said. “That’s what he said. That was his take on it. I mean, not just beat up. Did you see the stats? The actual physical striking stats? It was some unbelievably overwhelming number, like one vs. several hundred, in the significant strike department. Like literally, she landed one decent punch.

“They should have stopped that fight a long time ago. That fight should have been stopped 15 or 20 times.”

As it turned out, Priscila Cachoeira had torn her ACL in the first round- but when she told her corner about it, they told her to shut up. There is plenty of blame to go around, including, perhaps more egregiously, the matchmakers themselves, who rarely book such mismatches.

“It was a bad matchup, because that girl, I believe it was her UFC debut,” Rogan said “To have a UFC debut, to have a woman that’s fought for the title and is a world-class striker, I mean literally one of the very-best strikers on the planet earth – male or female – it’s just not fair.”

What’s important to remember in this discussion is just how good Valentina Shevchenko is.

“Valentina is one of the most well-rounded women in the sport,” Rogan said. “She subbed Julianna Pena off her back, she stands up and out-strikes Holly Holm. She went toe-to-toe with Amanda Nunes, she went toe-to-toe with some of the best kickboxers in the world. She’s a world champion muay Thai fighter. She’s just a (expletive) beast. She’s an all-around just bad-ass fighter.”


Once again, the Tim Means decision is a perfect example of why we don’t need win bonuses. Fighters should get all the money up front.

The better to kick you with, my Yoel.

I agree with this breakdown if the fight goes to a decision, but I also think there is a high chance Yoel finds a spectacular finish

Part of me wants to find the supplements that are spiked so I can get some mild steroid gains going.

Ummm... no.

A head-butting sport sounds like a genius plan with no drawbacks at all.

It would look like this:

My Houston-area Texas boys are fighting this weekend (Disclaimer: I’ve never met Sage or Derrick Lewis. I’m still claiming them)

This weekend in combat sports:

Slips, Rips, KO Clips

If you watch any fight this weekend, make it Israel Adesanya’s debut.

Nicely done

I really want to try this on someone

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