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Conor McGregor goes toe-to-toe with cosmetic company for ‘Mac’ trademark

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Sure, Conor McGregor hasn’t done much fighting inside the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Octagon — it’s been 15 months, actually — but “Notorious” is currently engaged in all out battle.

Or at least his legal team is.

According to Irish Mirror, the former two-division champion is facing an up-hill battle to get many of his personal brands trademarked. The report states his latest obstacle comes in the former of Mac Cosmetics, a New York-based cosmetic company that isn’t too keen on allowing Conor to take on its name.

So why the beef?

Well, if Conor — who looks to trademark “Mystic Mac” — ever releases his own personal fragrance down the line, the company is worried people will confuse the brawler’s toiletries with their brand. Furthermore, German-based clothing company MAC also wants to block Conor from getting rights to the name.

But that’s not all.

The report also states a couple of other names he is trying to lock down are “ChampChamp” and “I am Boxing,” which are being met by resistance from the Ireland branch of “Champion” sportswear and retailing giant Migros -- who have an “I Am” brand -- respectively.

If that weren’t enough, Conor’s attempt to get “Diddy Bread” off his whiskey could be tough to come by under the “Notorious” banner, as Carlow Brewing Company is opposing since it owns Notorious Fightwear.

No one said being a business mogul would be easy.