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Derrick Lewis okay with ‘Miocic vs Cormier’ UFC title fight, since heavyweights are so inconsistent (himself included)

There were undoubtedly more than few eyebrows raised after it was announced that Stipe Miocic would next defend his Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Heavyweight title against current Light Heavyweight champion, Daniel Cormier, at the upcoming UFC 226 pay-per-view (PPV) event on July 7, 2018.

Derrick Lewis, meanwhile, is all for it, declaring on The MMA Hour that making the 265-pound title fight makes sense at the moment since no one in the land of the big man is consistent enough to warrant a championship bout.

Himself included.

“That’s good that it’s happening because no one else in the heavyweight division is being consistent. Whenever it’s time for a guy, like a fight away from the title, he end up losing, like myself,” said “Black Beast.”

“It’s a smart move to do because all of the other guys that’s in the top 10 or top five, he already fought or he beat already. For him to fight Cormier, I believe that’s the best bang for your buck right now for the pay-per-view sale,” he added.

Indeed, Derrick was knocking on the door of a title shot before he was knocked out by Mark Hunt (see it), ending his six-fight win streak in the process. As for who he is picking to come out on top, Lewis won’t be surprised to see “DC” -- a former heavyweight — pull it out, though he won’t commit to a pick.

“It will be a fight to watch. Probably Cormier might come in and get it. I don’t know, we will see, it’s a tough fight to pick in that one,” he added. As for the possibility of the 265-pound strap getting tied up should Cormier win, Lewis doesn’t really care, saying that the hardware isn’t really his priority, anyway.

“I don’t care if I never fight for the belt, as long as they pay me good, that’s all I care about. They can do whatever they want with it.”

You have to appreciate the honesty.

Up next for Lewis is a showdown against Marcin Tybura, which is locked and loaded for UFC Fight Night 126, which will go down on Feb. 18 in Austin, Texas. To see the full lineup click here.

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