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Eddie Alvarez says he and Dana White ain’t friends til the Super Bowl is over

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Eagles fan Alvarez has declared Patriots fan White his enemy as their teams square off for Super Bowl LLI.


Eddie Alvarez is a Philly man through and through, so of course he’s cheering for the Philadelphia Eagles to take out the New England Patriots tonight at the Super Bowl. TMZ Sports caught up with the current King of Violence to ask him about the game and his city’s notoriously rowdy victory celebrations.

”You’ll have to lock the city down,” he declared when asked how a win would be received. “We don’t know how to act. Philly, I don’t think we know how to celebrate properly in a socially acceptable manner. We’re passionate about our teams, passionate about our sports, and this is just another team where we’re the underdogs and we thrive on that, the city of Philadelphia thrives on that underdog state. Everyone’s feeling good about it, everyone’s excited about getting this W.”

He also revealed a rivalry with UFC president Dana White, who is a huge Patriots fan.

”I told him we ain’t friends until this gets settled out,” Alvarez said with a laugh. “So once Philly wins we can be friends again, but I texted him as soon as we won, I said my Eagles against your Patriots, we ain’t friends til this s**t’s over. He started laughing and I’m sure he’ll have a good time out there.”

White is in attendance at the US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, where the weather is a brisk 2 degrees Fahrenheit. Not that we think the UFC president will be shivering away in the nosebleeds or anything. Given White’s baller status, we imagine he’s got quite a seat to watch his crappy Patriots lose the Super Bowl.