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UFC Fight Night 125 results: Michel Prazeres smothers Desmond Green for unanimous decision

UFC Fight Night: Weigh-ins Photo by Buda Mendes/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Michel “Trator” Prazeres and Desmond “the Predator” Green threw down last night (Sat., Feb. 3, 2018) at UFC Fight Night 125 in Mangueirinho Gymnasium in Belem, Brazil, broadcast live on FOX Sports 1. Prazeres had missed weight badly, turning this into a catchweight fight instead of the planned lightweight contest.

Green opened with circling; Prazeres threw a couple heavy body kicks. Green jabbed at his body. Prazeres threw a high kick, then an inside low kick. Prazeres caught a kick and Green cartwheeled back, scrambling through a takedown back to his feet. He launched Prazeres into the air with a throw of his own; Prazeres reversed a second throw and clinched Green against the cage. Green quickly reversed the pressure, pushing “Trator” against the cage with an underhook. Prazeres landed an outside leg kick; he shot in for a takedown, getting Green down after an extended scramble; referee Marc Goddard stopped the action after Prazeres landed hammerfists to the back of Green’s head even after a warning. He stood them back up; Prazeres shot again for a takedown, but Green fought it off and briefly landed a takedown of his own. He got on top after Prazeres attempted a throw, and ended the round in that position.

Prazeres connected with a left hook to start the second round, then looked for a right overhand, which Green blocked. Green looked for a straight left, then blasted through for a takedown, establishing top control in Prazeres’ guard. Eventually Prazeres kicked Green off, getting back up. Green ducked a hook and grabbed a single-leg, pushing Prazeres to the cage. Green landed a knee. Prazeres pushed his way off the cage, then landed a nice takedown of his own and immediately climbed into mount. Green turned to his side, in a bad position as Prazeres looked for an arm-triangle, but he escaped and got back up. Prazeres jumped guard looking for a guillotine, but Green flopped to his side, escaping again, but ending up on the bottom in side control. Prazeres looked for his signature north-south choke. He locked it up. Green got to his side, escaping after about twenty seconds, and ended the round on bottom.

Green was circling. looking for his southpaw jab, ate an inside leg kick. Green swung with a big two-three, then stuffed a shot takedown. Prazeres kicked his arms. Green ate an overhand right. He ducked a hook into a single-leg, then let it go to land a nice two-punch combination. Prazeres threw up another high kick, to a disproportionate roar from the crowd. Both men looked tired after an energy-intensive two rounds. Green looked for a lead hook. He blocked an overhand right, just missed with a straight left. Prazeres landed an overhand right, then ate a hook. He dove in with a double-leg, getting Green to the mat. He got mount for a second again, but Green got his hips under him, clinging to a single. Prazeres was warned again for punching the back of Green’s head. Green looked content to stay there until the end of the fight. Interesting grappling competition between the two diverse styles at lightweight. Prazeres looked huge despite the height disparity; one has to wonder how missing weight played into this result.

Prazeres was awarded the victory via unanimous decision, putting him on six-fight win streak.

Official result: Michel Prazeres def. Desmond Green via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28x2)

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