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UFC Fight Night 125 results: Timothy Johnson rolls past Marcelo Golm with unanimous decision

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UFC Fighter Portraits Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Heavyweights Timothy Johnson and Marcelo Golm squared off tonight (Sat., Feb. 3, 2018) at UFC Fight Night 125 in Mangueirinho Gymnasium in Belem, Brazil broadcast live on FOX Sports 1. Johnson would become the first fighter of the night to defeat a Brazilian, taking a unanimous decision over Golm.

They touched gloves. Tim Johnson looked to move forward in combination while Golm kicked his legs. They clinched in the center of the Octagon, with Johnson punching to the body. Golm pushed to the cage, but it was Johnson who spun him around and put cage pressure. Golm pushed off the cage but they stayed clinched, with Johnson landing knees to the body. Golm kicked Johnson’s body. Johnson countered a jab with a combination. They clinched again. The crowd was beginning to boo, the action evidently not dynamic enough for them. Johnson pushed Golm to the cage again, landing knees to the thigh. Golm reversed positions; Johnson landed an elbow on the break. Golm kicked Johnson out of his stance with that inside leg kick. They clinched and Johnson marched Golm to the cage again, almost landing an inside trip. Johnson wailed away with short hooks to the head from the clinch.

Johnson has a cut above his eye from a clash of heads, but he moved foward into a combination; both fighters connected hard in a wild exchange after a Golm high kick! Johnson pushed Golm to the cage and Golm landed half a dozen downward elbows as Johnson looked for a takedown. The crowd made plenty of noise as Golm landed another inside leg kick. They clinched again, with Golm pushing Johnson to the cage, but Johnson reversing. They exchanged once again. Johnson clinched again, looking for a takedown. Golm reversed, then Johnson reversed. The crowd began booing again. Finally they separated. Neither fighter could stay out of the clinch for long, though, and Johnson landed a nice knee on the way to the fence this time. He threw a spinning elbow then attempted a wheel kick as the round wore down!

Johnson moved in to start round three and Golm intercepted with an elbow. He threw a body kick. Johnson continued looking for his lead hook. Golm landed another side leg kick, which has been more effective than frequent for him. Johnson landed a hook. Golm threw a good teep to the body. Johnson moved straight forward and tagged Golm hard with a straight. Johnson clinched him again, looking for a takedown, then landing knees to the leg. The referee eventually separated them. Golm landed a knee to the head, then ate a driving combination as Johnson punched his way once again into the clinch. Johnson landed heavy knees to Golm’s legs. He looked for a trip takedown, couldn’t quite get it. Golm threw a big clinch knee, and Johnson whiffed hard on a hook as the fight ended.

The referees rightly saw the fight Johnson’s way, with his mustache and aggressive strategy getting him the W.

Official result: Tim Johnson defeats Marcelo Golm via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28x2)

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