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Video: MMA fighter knocks himself out, removed on stretcher at CES 48

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Crazy things happen all the time in mixed martial arts (MMA) but this insane self-inflicted knockout may catch you by surprise.

It happened last night (Fri., Feb. 2, 2018) at CES 48: Wiuff vs. Rebello live on AXS TV from inside Twin River Casino in Lincoln, Rhode Island, when middleweight Timothy Woods cracked his own head on the canvas after attempting to sweep opponent Tim Caron from the clinch. The impact of the slam immediately knocked Woods out and kept him on the ground for quite some time.

Check out the rare knockout above courtesy of Zombie Prophet.

According to a report by, Woods was ushered out of the cage on a stretcher after being down for several minutes, yet was coherent and moving his arms.

The aftermath of the knockout can be seen below:

It’s always scary to see a fighter slow to his feet, especially after a thudding knockout blow like this one. It just goes to show that anything is possible in this wild sport. Even though Woods was throwing fists and feet in effort to destroy another human being inside of the cage, he ended up defeating himself.